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Our Foreskin Restoration Journey
Many men feel that, having been circumsized at birth, they lost part of their whole. We felt the same way and did a lot of research about methods of restoring ones' foreskin. We have decided to share our experience with you. We started on October 17, 2010. If you are considering foreskin restoration, make sure to stop by and watch our progress, ask questions or make comments.

Curious about Foreskin Restoration?
Hey, thanks for stopping by. Obviously if you are here, you have questions about restoring your foreskin. Join our blog where we try to answer questions, and look for answers as well. There are 2 of us who are starting our restoration today. We have done a lot of research and decided to use a tugging method. While we await the arrival of our tugging device, we have begun manual tugging excercises to encourage regrowth of foreskin.
Follow us on our journey from day one to when we get fully restored. If you are interested in getting a foreskin that looks almost uncut, want to restore sensitivity, and feel whole again, we hope we can help! If you have already started to restore, or have completed, we value your input and look forward to the help and encouragement along the way!

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