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Many Missouri families
are fighting to keep their children safe from abusive grandparents. 

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CRPR-MO page and read our stories.

We are the families that have been devastated by grandparent visitation laws.  We are here to help and support other families going through the torture of litigation.  Grandparents who sue don't win visitation, they lose families.

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The United States Supreme Court has just decided that fit parents have a fundamental right to raise their children and to make decisions regarding whom their children associate with.  At one time, all 50 states had laws allowing grandparents visitation.  Judges were awarding visitation to grandparents blindly, disregarding evidence that such visits were not always in the best interests of the children.  Many parents have gone to jail in order to keep their children from third-parties who they know to be abusive.

Read the
USSC ruling, handed down June 5, 2000.

Visit the
POW Mothers website and sign the guestbook in support of parental rights.

Some fit parents have now won their cases as a result of the ruling, however, many more are still fighting their battles in court.  Visit our scoreboard,
Fit Parents vs. Litigating Third Parties.

Contact Your Representative!

From the Diary of a Child - a fictional account of a child's encounter with forced grandparent visitation

While the USSC decision is definitely a victory for children being raised by fit parents, the work is not yet done.  The ruling does not automatically throw out the laws of each state.  Instead, legislators need to be contacted and urged to revise these laws to meet the constitutional standards set forth by the USSC in their decision.

A member of the CRPR has written a
sample statute that protects the children and their families, while still allowing grandparents to petition the courts.  Write your legislators and ask them to do the same.

Read more to learn who is affected and what you can do to help.

E-mail me with questions or comments.

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