Gemma the Farm Collie

Gemma came from Virginia, south of Charlottesville. Her supposed father was a really nice working Border Collie. Her mother was sold as a Border Collie but whatever she is, Sadie isn't a BC. Gemma takes after her mom in looks and temperment. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Chelsy, who was sold as a "farm collie" in New Jersey.

In these pictures she's 7 months old and about 33 pounds. She is an extremly bright and willing little dog. When she came to English Shepherd Rescue she didn't know come or sit or about treats or toys. She didn't even know she had a name. But she was eager to learn.

Gemma loves everyone. She stands up for herself but she's not pushy and she wants to get along. She ignores the cats and tries to get the dogs to play with her.

She is a really wonderful dog.

From a calendar picture
from the first half
of the twentieth century.

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