Welcome To My Page I'm Going Introduce Myself First Then I'm Going To Let You Have Fun Looking At My Page. My Name Is Christina And I'm 22. I Have Loved This Group Since They Came Out. I Am A Part Of Many Evanescence Groups On Yahoo And I'm A Member Of Evboard. My Favorite Song Is My Immortal. I Hope They Are Around For A Long Time. Well Enough About Me This Page Is All  About The Band. Hope You All Enjoy!!
About The Band
Amy Lee- Vocals,Piano
John LeCompt- Guitar
Will Boyt- Bass
Terry Balsalmo- Guitar
Rocky Gray- Drums
Ben Moody- Former Guitarist

vanescence (ev'e-nes'ens): a dissipation or disappearance like vapor

Co-founders Lee and guitarist/songwriter Ben Moody met while in their early teens. "We were at a youth camp," Moody recalls. "During some sort or recreational period held in a gymnasium, I heard Amy playing Meatloaf's I'd Do Anything For Love at the piano. So I went over to meet her, and she started singing for me. I was pretty much blown away, so I suckered her into joining a band with me." Since that day, the musical relationship has remained dependably loyal. "We have the same exact vision regarding what we love about music," Moody says. When it comes to songwriting, we finish each other's thoughts." Evanescence first took shape in Little Rock at the end of the 90's. Predictably, the band didn't quite fit the mold of most others lingering around the Midwestern state. "It's typically death metal or really soft, older-people music there," says Lee. "I don't even know of any local bands that have female singers." Influenced by a wide-ranging collection of artists such as Bjork, Danny Elfman and Tori Amos, the band started releasing EPs of its material. Even without the benefit of live performances, Evanescence began to establish reputation. "A lot of it developedby being exclusive," Moody remembers. "The second song we ever wrote was this seven-minute, ridiculous Goth anthem called Understanding. And for some reason, the local rock station decided to play it a lot. We gained this popularity around town, even though no one knew who we were or where to find us. It was because we could never afford to play a show--it was just Amy and I-- and we couldn't pay any musicians." Fallen was tracked in Los Angeles with producer Dave Fortman(BOYSETSFIRE, Superjoint Ritual). The album successfully finds that intangible balance between lush beauty and primal heaviness. Typical of the record is the first single, Bring Me To Life, a piano ballad-turned-riff-driven barnburner. Highlighted by a guest vocal from Paul McCoy of 12 Stones, the song featured prominently in the Daredevil film and soundtrack.

Co-Founder Ben Moody, former lead guitarist, split from the band late 2003, this was over many disputed reasons. Since then Terry Balsamo has joined as the new lead  guitarist.
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