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Recently Published Stories  


First Intensity  

The Angel
First Intensity, USA
Upcoming in Fall 2007  



Jonah and the Piazza Navona
Rhapsoidia, USA
Issue #10  


New England Review  

The Well-Mannered Thief
New England Review, Australia
Edition #22  


Upstairs at Duroc  

The Account of the Plank-Riveter's Lunch
Upstairs at Duroc, France
Issue #8  



The Nashwaak Review  

Davey the Birder
The Nashwaak Review, Canada
Volume 18, Spring 2007  




The Gold Round
Catalyst, New Zealand
Issue #4  


Errol Scott

Errol Scott is an author of fiction published in literary magazines around the world, in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Japan and the United Kingdom.


New Stories from Errol


The Gastronomateur

Tibby Hayes, gastronomateur and aspiring food critic, covets the Diamond Jublilee Award that will launch his career as preeminent restaurant reviewer in town.


The only thing standing between Tibby and certain success is the current number one restaurant reviewer - Tibby's garden-gnome hoarding neighbor - and his neighbor's two ferocious, six-foot long, seventy-pound pet lizards.


But Tibby Hayes has a plan...


Tibby sets out, armed with steaming sausages, to tilt recently-revealed omens a little more quickly in his favor.


The Silk Road Marine Shop

Wilbert and his unrepentant gorilla angel manage a marine shop in an oasis town at the edge of the desert of final death.


Surviving on income from selling boat supplies adapted to suit passing mountain bikers, he fends off a bookkeeper who is determined to convert his business to a camel wellness spa.


Wilbert plots the final "big sale" that will fund the purchase of his dream yacht.   


The One Thing Missing at the Casino Atlantis

Oswald’s beloved cache of cheddar has long since run out. His Limburger pulses in his memory, the Muenster lingers only as scent. He's down to his last Gouda.


Oswald is a blackjack genius when he's fully topped up with his self-styled wonder drink inside him - but his key ingredient is nowhere to be found at the underwater Casino Atlantis.


And Oswald has debts that need to be paid.


Oswald faces off against his greatest fear to get the utlimate ingredient that he needs to win at the blackjack tables, pay off his debts and buy the cheese shop of his dreams.





Errol Scott has traveled extensively on 6 continents. His work is influenced by such diverse writers as Jules Verne, P.G. Wodehouse, Arthur Conan Doyle, Douglas Adams, Douglas Smith and Patrick McGrath.


Errol’s upcoming novel is expected in 2007.






































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