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Welcome to the Eriban Software site. This site contains two puzzle games that you can play online when your browser supports Java 1.1. Both puzzle games are based on ideas of my own and are, as far as I know, unique. Please have a go at them!


Dropsession Dropsession

Use the forcefield to build complicated structures. The game has several puzzle sets of varying difficulty. Beware though, even the easiest one is quite challenging!

ADDiction ADDiction

Swap tiles to solve the puzzles. The rules are simple, the puzzles look simple, but you will quickly find out that you really must use your brain here.


23 November 2002
Wow, amazingly, someone managed to solve all ADDiction puzzles in less than 256 moves! Check the ADDiction Hall of Fame for his name. Difficult to improve, I'd say, but not impossible?

21 September 2001
Finally, someone solved all Dropsession. Who? Find his name in the Dropsession Hall of Fame. Can you do it in fewer moves?

23 August 2000
Someone solved all ADDiction puzzles. Who? Find his name in the ADDiction Hall of Fame. Can you beat his score?

19 February 2000
You can now download both games.

17 July 1999
New versions have been released for both Dropsession and ADDiction. Try them!

30 Januari 1999
A new puzzle game has been added: ADDiction! This site has also been rearranged completely.

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