"The chains of marriage are so heavy it takes two to bear them, sometimes three" -- Alexandre Dumas père

We're George and Gracie. We've been lucky to have been involved as a couple in a half-dozen loving triad relationships. We built this site to offer insight and resources to couples and singles who are considering a triad. We also hope we may attract your interest if you're thinking about joining an adventure like our partnership, and becoming a partner in our marriage.

About Our Online Name

We intend "epicures of love" to suggest our sensitivity to and appreciation of the subtleties of loving and being loved. We've created a marriage that costs us a little more emotionally, but we're always challenged, rarely bored, and always living in an adventure. That's why we seek more of it!

We are looking for a woman to partner with us.

Our best and dearest friends, both as individuals and as a couple, have been women.

We'd like to find a special someone to join her life with ours, for the long term. We understand how frightening what we propose must seem. But knowledge and familiarity can conquer fear. The advantage of having a long-term perspective is we can all take it slowly.

We are not looking for a woman to partner with us.

"Looking for" is really too strong a phrase. We've never "looked for" a mate as individuals. We've encountered people, become friends with a few of them, and become intimate with a few of those. It's far more accurate to say we're open to the possibility of a woman partnering with us.

Are you an adventurer, too?

Do you live intensely? Do you desire the daily diversity of woman-woman and woman-man interaction? Do you know the special joy of seeing love happen around you, and being seen loving by those you love? Are you open to a long-term, polyfidelitous partnership? We don't have much of a clue how to find you. After all, look how long it took us to find one another! Please write us and tell us a little about yourself. We promise to write back!



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