A Message To Those Left Behind

We Cannot Thrive On Poisonous Fruit:

Why the Hating Has To Stop


On this page I have posted a poem which I've dedicated to the many survivors, as well as relatives and friends of the victims of the bombing. Whereas I acknowledge that you're still in tremendous pain, I am appalled at your cold-blooded reaction to Timothy McVeigh's death by lethal injection. I think you need to be educated on exactly what this unpleasant and inhumane method of execution involves. Your unabashed thrill upon hearing McVeigh breathed his last puts you in the same league as the man you so reviled. I know you don't want to hear this and frankly, I doubt if any of you are reading anything on this site anyway, but it needs to be said. It needs to be said out of respect for Tim's family and friends and if my words incite anger and disgust in you, so be it. I believe in telling it like it is.

I've done a lot of reading on executions and the death penalty in general, so as not to speak as an uninformed person. Let me enlighten you on exactly what dying by lethal injection involves: First, the inmate is strapped to a gurney, whereby a technician fits him with a catheter and an anal plug so that he does not urinate or defacate in the death chamber. Imagine having to clean up after killing someone----really sounds unfair, doesn't it?

In Tim's case, the next step involved slitting the skin near his right ankle, using an instrument to pull a vein out of his leg and then taping up the wound after a shunt is attached to the exposed vein. There is no local anaesthetic used for this process, by the way. The shunt is fairly large, enabling as much poison as possible in as little time.

The first drug administered is called sodium pentathol. This drug is commonly used to put a patient to sleep prior to surgery, but in the case of lethal injections, over fifty times that amount is often given. After the blood has circulated twice, the inmate falls asleep. That's where the misconception comes into play: Those of you whining that "he didn't suffer enough" need to read this: He "just went to sleep" cannot be more wrong. The sodium pentothal often wears off after two or three minutes, which happens BEFORE the second drug, pancuronium bromide is administered. This drug parallyzes each and every muscle in the inmate's body, including the diaphragm and the lungs. If and when the pentathol loses is effectiveness, the inmate is in excruciating pain with the lungs collapsing, but is unable to register this horrifying event because all of the muscles in his face can no longer move.

As the inmate's body screams for oxygen----remember as kids when we'd try to hold our breath as long as possible? Do you recall how it made your body feel. Well, that's what Tim felt as his body became totally depleted of life-giving oxygen.

The final drug, potassium chloride, is given in a very large dose and, after a minute or so, the heart stops for good. The pancuronium bromide doesn't stop either the heart or stomach muscles, as they are involuntary and keep going even after all other muscles have ceased.

Still think he didn't suffer?

Nobody's Death Should Be Celebrated

You wear your grief like a badge--so it seems to me.
I felt sad for you once, but now I'm not sure.
Your pain is quite real, but from what I can see,
The death of McVeigh for you had some allure.

You might think that I never experienced pain,
Or that nobody I ever cared for was killed.
Well, my cousin, on New Year's was viciously slain
And in me a ravenous rage was instilled.

Yes, I was angry and burned to the core.
I prayed Johnny's murderer would rot in jail,
What happened in court made my whole family sore:
The bastard went free after paying no bail.

So you see, I have been right there where you are.
But we clamoured for justice and got none at all.
I would stand in my yard and gaze up at a star,
And wished that the killer had taken a fall.

That doesn't mean that I wished him to die.
We would never get closure in such a crude way.
How can anyone find jubilation in death?
Or, far more important: What would Jesus say?

If McVeigh's execution has cheered you all up,
Then nothing I say will change anyone's mind.
But the next time you drink from the good silver cup,
Please remember a time when you loved and were kind.



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