A Sunset For the Misbegotten

Words To Live & Die By:

Original "Tim Haikus"


I am putting together another page of haiku poetry that deals with Tim, his short life and senseless death. I hope you will like them:

Suicide Haiku

Side-step the stigma:
Another pulled the trigger.
The best of both worlds.

Tornado Of Rage Haiku

A life came unhinged.
It's door rattled in the wind.
Debris scurried in.

Public Spectacle Haiku

His young heart grew black.
Burst from his chest, spewing tar.
Feathers found a home.

Blurred Line Haiku

He felt not a thing.
Clouds of death blinded his eyes.
Death was swift, silent.

Life In the Zoo Haiku

Back and forth he paced.
Feeding time's a distraction.
Wild beast in a cage.

Martyr Dressed For Death Haiku

Khaki became him.
Washed out colour bled despair.
Garments of the doomed.

Portrait Of the Doomed Haiku

Gone before he died.
Air-brushed in prison pallor.
Both dead and alive.

Drowning Haiku

Life had drained from him.
Left standing in pools of rage.
Who'll clean up the mess?

Fearless Haiku

He never lost it.
No furrowed lines marked his face.
Calm runneth over.

Cold ice cream numbed him.
Your drug of choice was bromide.
Death slid down easy.

Legacy Haiku

Rivers never end.
They form small tributaries.
Each given new life.

Below the Surface Haiku

Testing death's waters
You wondered how deep they ran.
They're forever stilled.

Deadly Masquerade Haiku

If fear wore a face,
You wouldn't be recognized.
No need for a mask.

Love-Starved Albino Haiku

A divining rod,
Had frantically searched for love.
Found a stagnant stream.

Hell's for the hurting.
We can endure just so much.
Death's the healing balm.

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