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Here's a list of links to other pages owned and operated by yours truly. There's quite a variety from which to choose:

Plaid, Leather and A Flag Pin:
My Exclusive Mike Logan Fan Fiction Page

The Many Colours Of Crime:
Original Fan Fiction For Fans Of "Law & Order"

Touched By An Angel:
Fan Fiction Based On the Popular Television Series

Holding On Through:
A Novel, Based In Part, On R.E.M.

Reconstruction Of the Fables:
My X-Files Fan Fiction Page Gets A Facelift

My Thirty Years In the Depths Of Anorexic Hell:
Creative Writing For and About People Suffering From Eating Disorders and Those Who Are Recovering

The Unspoken Shame Emerges From the Shadows

A Haven For the Emotionally Lost
Take Comfort, All Who Enter Here

Calling Mr. Big, Carrie and the Rest Of the "Sex & the City" Cast:
SATC Fan Fiction

The Young & the Restless:
Original Fan Fiction

If You're Lonely In Your Nightmare, Let Me In:
Original Duran Duran Fan Fiction

An Enemy Has Unleashed Hell On America
...But This Heinous Attack Has Given Birth To Incredible Heroes

Burton Cummings:
His Own Way To Rock

Don & Phil For Everly:
My Everly Brothers Devotion Page

"We're More Than Brothers---We're Best Of Friends:
Original "Simon & Simon" Fan Fiction

Daryl Hall & John Oates:
Original Fan Fiction

A Decade In Purgatory:
Our Generation Through Grunge, Usenet & Suicide

My Explosive Chris Noth Page:
Original Fan Fiction For That Noth Guy

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