Spells to Help You Prosper
Spell For Work

Said while making 9 knots in a green, 13-inch silk cord:

“By knot of one, my spell's begun
By knot of two, plenty fruitful work to do
By knot of three, money comes to me
By knot of four, opportunity knocks at my door
By knot of five, my business thrives
By knot of six, this spell is fixed
By knot of seven, success if given
By knot of eight, increase is great
By knot of nine, these things are mine."

To Gain Money

Best Time: Full Moon
Fill the cauldron half full of water and drop a silver coin into it. Position the cauldron so that the light from the Moon shines into the water. Gently sweep your hands just above the surface, symbolically gathering the Moon's Silver.  While doing this, say:

" Lovely Lady of the Moon
Bring to me your wealth right soon.
Fill my hands with silver and gold.
All you can give, my purse can hold. "

Repeat three times. When finished, pour the water upon the Earth. It is done.
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