Love Spells
Everything from finding the love of your life, to getting over a lost love.
Use with caution!
Love Spell To Reunite Parted Lovers
1 Needle
1 White Stone
Pink or Red Velvet
1 Pink Ribbon

When the moon is in the Waxing Phase, prick the tip of your left index finger with a sterilized needle, and squeeze out a bit of blood. Use the blood to write your initials on a smooth white stone as you visualize being back together with your lover. Write his/her initials next to yours, and then draw three circles of blood around both of the initials. Wrap the stone in a piece of pink or red velvet, tied with a pink ribbon and then bury it in the ground. If the spell is done correctly, you and your lover should be reunited within a period of three days and nights!

If you are Wiccan mind the rule of three! This last spell was intended for those who do not follow the law of three.

To Make Yourself Known to Another
For all those love lorn, if you love another and they can't seem to see you, then this can bring you to their attention.

Find his/her footprints in the earth, then dig up the footprint (the earth). Take the soil to a willow tree, dig a hole in at its base, and bury the footprint soil and cover it with the earth of the willow. As you bury the footprint, say:

"Many earth’s on earth there be,
I make my love know unto thee.
For He is the flower and I the stem;
He the cock and I the hen.
Grow, grow willow tree!
Sorrow not for the likes of me."

Please note that while you will see the object of your affection beginning to notice you, this spell is by no means designed to interfere with anyone's free will. Whatever may happen, each and every spirit on the planet must be free to make their own choices.
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