Spells for Divining
To Dream of a Certain Person

1 Chunk of Amethyst
3 Rose petals
1 Lock of Hair
1 piece of daisy Root
1 Drop Rose or Patchouli Oil (optional)
1 Pink Candle (melted so wax binds all together)

Take the amethyst, rose pedals, lock of hair, daisy root, and empower all of them with what you want them to do (in this case being dream magick of a lover or friend). Place the amethyst next to your bed, atop it lay the rose petals, hair(the person of whom you wish to dream of hair), and the daisy root. If you wish you may top it all off with rose or patchouli oil, and melted pink wax! To be done during the new moon, right before bed.  While laying down before going to sleep, keep the thought of the person in mind. 

Ritual To Improve Psychic Abilities

Three days before the full moon (preferably when it is in Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio), light 13 purple-colored candles to help attract psychic influences. Gaze into a mirror, crystal ball or crystal pyramid and chant three times:

"Asariel, Archangel Of Neptune
And Ruler Of Clairvoyance,
Open My Third Eye
And Show Me The Hidden Light.
Let Me Perceive The Kingdoms
Of The Unknown.
Let Me Understand The Wisdom
Of The Universe."

After chanting, relax your mind, do not permit any negative thoughts, breathe slowly and concentrate on opening your Third Eye.

The Third Eye, located in the space between the eyebrows is the body's highest source of power.
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