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Click Here for a link to a great article showing that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.  If you've ever thought that someone else did, then this article is a must.  This is the best article that I've ever read on the subject.

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Here's something interesting.  As you know, the standard spelling of Shakespeare is  "S-h-a-k-e-s-p-e-a-r-e" . However, in the past there have been variations of this spelling.  Among the most common were...



( Back in Shakespeare's day there was no such thing as standard spelling rules.  In fact, there were not even any rules of grammar yet! )

List of Shakespeare's Plays
and estimated dates of first performance

1590 or 1591    Henry VI, Part III
1590 or 1591    Henry VI, Part II
1591 or 1592    Henry VI, Part I **
1592 or 1593    Richard III
1592 or 1593    Comedy of Errors **
1593 or 1594    Titus Andronicus
1593 or 1594    Taming of the Shrew **
1594 or 1595    Two Gentlemen of Verona **
1594 or 1595    Love's Labour's Lost
1594 or 1595    Romeo and Juliet
1595 or 1596    Richard II
1595 or 1596    A  Midsummer Night's Dream
1596 or 1597    King John **
1596 or 1597    The Merchant of Venice
1597 or 1598    Henry IV, Part I
1597 or 1598    Henry IV, Part II
1598 or 1599    Much Ado About Nothing
1598 or 1599    Henry V
1599 or 1600    Julius Caesar **
1599 or 1600    As You Like It **
1599 or 1600    Twelfth Night **
1600 or 1601    Hamlet
1600 or 1601    The  Merry  Wives  of Windsor
1601 or 1602    Troilus and Cressida
1602 or 1603    All's Well That Ends Well **
1604 or 1605    Measure for Measure **
1604 or 1605    Othello
1605 or 1606    King Lear
1605 or 1606    Macbeth **
1606 or 1607    Antony and Cleopatra **
1607 or 1608    Coriolanus **
1607 or 1608    Timon of Athens **
1608 or 1609    Pericles
1609 or 1610    Cymbeline **
1610 or 1611    The Winter's Tale **
1611 or 1612    The Tempest **
1612 or 1613    Henry VIII **

** First published in The First  Folio (1623 )
  Click Here for quotations from each play.

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