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Welcome to my logbook. In here I will keep track of things happening each month I own the 320/6 Automatic. Since I own the car since 06-07-2002, I will begin late July 2002. I plan to keep each month separated with it's own page.



In July 2002 I had these things done:

  • Rusthole uder the hood repaired,

  • The right front shocktower completely repainted (see picture).

This is the right- front shocktower: you can see the surface rust below. It was completely cleaned and put in Epoxy primer. This area will not rust anymore.



In August 2002 I had these things done:

  • new (original BMW) wiperblades mounted on 10-08-2002

14-08-2002: the car went for a full service in which everything was checked and  components which showed wear renewed, it needed:

  1. a new rear silencer,

  2. a new rubber bushing at the front stabilizer, not fitted yet (has to be obtained from our local BMW-dealer Maaral in Alkmaar),

  3. The oil leakage was solved, it was leaking from one of the nuts of the power-steering unit.

21-08-2002: I had a long drive trough Alkmaar in nice weather when:

  • The fuse of the temperature control and the fuel control melted (old fuse, can happen....)

  • More serious: when staring the car at home, to get some new fuses, the switch of the automatic short-circuited (see picture below). Two days before my vacation in Arcen, Limburg. Lots of smoke coming into the interior of the car. The car was towed to the local garage.


This is what happens when you see smoke coming from your automatic panel.... you can clearly see the two contacts on the switch which shorted out. It seems to be a common fault on BMW E21 ZF automatic transmissions, though.


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