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On 01-09-2000 I became the owner of a 1974 BMW 2002 Automatic. This car provides a very good and solid base for the restoration, which has started on 13-08-2001 and will continue until the car is what I imagined it would be. 


Some technical data:

  • 100 Bhp at 5500 Rpm.
  •  ZF automatic gearbox
  • Solex 32-32 DIDTA carburettor with automatic choke
  • Top speed: 160-165 Km/u
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/u in about 11 seconds

Some things about the car itself: 

  • Totally original troughout (no spoilers, original wheels)
  • Service history from 1974-1995 
  •  Original colour: Amazonas Grün (dark green)
  •  107.000 Km., believed to be original

Things done so far to the car:

  • Installed new Koni Classic shock absorbers
  • Stripped car from all glass
  • Body is being welded and resprayed


As you can see: the car has already been primed at the roof and the rear

Another view of the back

The front of the car, which was the worst party of the car. When they removed the front fenders they discovered holes at the size of 30 cm. at the front A-pillar. This car is going to cost me some serious money (I hope she will be worth it.)

Update November 2002: The car actually will be back after 1 years and 4 months at the workshop in my posession at the end of this year: YESSSS!

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