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This Main Page has gone through numerous re-designing since 1999. But over the years I've kept one thing in mind...This site will always be dedicated to Classic Rock......

 Old Hippie's Favorite Band

In the more than thirty years that they have been together, ZZ Top have mutated from a hard rocking boogie band into pop culture icons. Some might say, that they are also forward thinking musical geniuses whose appropriation of MTV and melding of Hard Rock to Dance rhythms put them so far ahead of the curve that -- for a while in the mid-1980s -- they seemed poised to take over the world.Their series of "Tongue-In-Cheek" videos established the groups most enduring image...That of the "Mysterious Bearded Blues Men"..

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Thank you for visiting ... And remember "You can sell your soul but NEVER sell out Rock-n-Roll" ..... Old Hippie


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Best known in the U.S. for its hard rock material such as Radar Love and Twilight Zone, Golden Earring has been the most popular homegrown band from The Netherlands.



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