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Welcome to DipWorld! Welcome to the website of the Yahoo! Clubs DipWorld gaming community.  Feel free to become a member of our little club, then join us in a nice, friendly game of Diplomacy ? the greatest board game ever invented!  Fresh blood is always welcome.
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To become a member of our club, just pop into our main clubhouse on Yahoo! by clicking our clubhouse link:
Tournament News
* The World Masters 2000 PBEM Tournament is starting in October.  Register soon!
Once inside, click the "Join this Club" link located near the upper-right corner of the page.  If you do not yet have a Yahoo ID, you?ll have to take a few moments to get registered.  That?s all it takes to be a member of our club.
* The 2000 Summer Classic Team/Individual Tournament is in full swing.  Check out the action in the Games site.
All games are played via email, judged by real human beings (most of the time), with results, maps, and press all posted in one of our many game rooms.  We also keep track of player statistics.  All games follow our basic house rules and are overseen by our "War Council" to ensure the integrity and continuity of each game.
* The Scandinavian Language Diplomacy Tournament is underway in our sister club DW Denmark House. Contact for more info.
DW Journal
* If you have something to say about our game, whether it's serious strategy, or humorous adventures, publish it in the DW Journal.
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