Favorite Daniel Jackson Lines
Favorite Line from Season 8
Lockdown: "No. Who shot me!"'
Prometheus Unbound: "Because I'll quit!"
Reckoning: "Gotcha now".
Favorite lines for Season 7
Fallen: "Has your hair always been that way?"
Homecoming: "We get paid for this right?"
Fragile Balance: "Okay. Love to. Who are you?" "This ass-gard. . ."
Chimera: "yes Jack, I'm fast asleep."
Favorite lines from Season 5
Enemies--"We surrender."
Enemies--"Engine room, this is Peltack, engine room, come in immediately
48 hours--"Not without giving back Alaska."
Desperate Measures--"I said I think I've electrocuted myself, do you have any idea what that feels like?"
The Tomb--"Yes, you go down the dark hallway alone.  And I'll wait here in the dark room alone."
Red Sky--"Little grey butts?"
Red Sky--"You realize you're mixing your apples and ?"
Favorite lines from Season 4
Divide and Conquer--"Really? You know, I think these are the Jack O'Neill moments I'll probrably miss the most."
Serpents Venom--"Well, I had one, I just couldn't get Ancient Phonetian Symbolisms on CD at Archeology.com, so. . ."
Serpents Venom--"Wait! Wait ! wait! Wait! Wait! Wait, wait!" "No, no! Sorry! That's it, I'm sure of it."
First Ones--"Don't say "ka" until you've tried it."
Favorite lines from Season 3
Dead Man's Switch--"So, what do you expect to get for us?"
Dead Man's Switch--"Thank you. That doesn't make me feel any better."
Urgo--"A fool's paradise is a wise man's hell."
Crystal Skull--"You can see me?"  "Why didnít you say something?"
Favorite lines from Season 2
The Fifth Race--"You just said there's 'nothing cruvus' with you.". . .
"Yes you did", "Yes you did", "Did", "Did".
1969--"Nyet. [No.]" . . ."He just asked if we were Soviet spies. I just..."
1969--"From a galaxy far, far away."
1969--"So, we go in disguise. Pretend to be foreigners." "Well, I speak 23 different languages. Pick one."
Favorite lines from Season 1
Politics--"Oh, oh you're right, we'll just upload a computer virus in to the mother ship."
Bloodlines--"Do you think these things [symbiotes] need to be fed?"
Thor's Hammer--"Haven't you ever had a feeling that made absolutely no logical sense and it turned out to be right?"  (Thank you so very much Karine!)
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