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      Welcome Everybody to Danny's Tenchi Muyo! Site.  This is not a summary site, I'm doing this site as a hobby, since I have fun doing this kind of stuff.  Anyways, this site is focused on the images, music, and latest news and rumors about Tenchi Muyo!  I will inlcude the latest on the news section below. 
     But, I'll give some of it right now.  It's official, Tenchi Muyo will continue it's OAV series.  Since the OAV ended in nothing, and petitions grew high, and there was also some budget, Pioneer decided to begin it's new series.  The new series will focus on the three goddess:  Tokimi, Tsunami, and Washu.  Of course Tenchi too, the only bad thing is, that the girls won't have much focus, as say the goddess.  But here's the juicy part, in the end, Tenchi will choose one of the girls, no body knows yet, I guess we'll all have to wait and see.  (I hope it's Ryoko, since Ayeka will have a chance with Yosho.) ^_^
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May 27th, 2002

Hello Everybody! I know I promised to put more stuff, but Geocities has been bugging me about my Data Transter status (times it can be viewed a month), so I decided to take out some stuff.  I know, I know... *sigh*.  I took out the MP3 page because of the lack of visits its been recieving; and in any case, I was taking a big risk by putting those MP3's up there.  I also took out the "Anime News" section.  This section requires daily attention, and updating this site of mine is not a daily routine.  ^_^'  They're plenty of other sites that do that anyways.  And finally, the links page.  Who goes there anyways?  LOL.

But on the good side, I added some links under allies/friends.  The first one is Wing Haven.  Check it out, it's a forum about anime, video games and stuff like that, it looks very nice, and has awesome people to talk to.  :-)  The other link is my new site, which is still under construction.  It's about the Goddess of the Past. ~_^  Check it out if you like.  ^_^
Well, I'm looking foward for future updates, and I hope you keep coming back.  Danny.
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