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Meeting Schedule

April 30th - Mother's Day Gifts
May 14th
May 28th
June 11th - Bridging Ceremony and Celebration Party

We will also meet with a Brownie Troop and see if we can do a Try it with them.


We have okayed with our neighbor for all parents dropping off or picking up, to use the full driveway. If staying for the meeting, please use the right hand side of the driveway. Please, DO NOT PARK ON THE STREET. This is a safety issue as our street is not wide enough for parking. Thank you!

Daisy’s in the Community

The Daisy are making Valentines for the elderly on February 12th. I work with the folks at the retirement home on Saturdays that I am not with the Daisy’s. I would like to plan a Saturday for the girls to come with me and do a craft with the folks, sing some songs, etc.

I am keeping track of the hours that the girls work on Community Service projects in the hopes of helping them earn the Presidents Patch (President of the USA).

If your girls do things that you feel help the community, please let us know so we can record this. Our age level gets to use the combined hours of the group in earning this patch.


We are hosting this years World Thinking Day event for the Girl Scouts. I have done the research on Germany as well as contacted some friends over there. It’s now up to the Daisy to put it all together. The World Thinking Day Event (WTD) will be held on March 5, 2005 from 9 am to noon. I ask that the parents bring their girls to the event at 8:30 or to my home no later than 7:45am. We will help set up the event while putting together our booths. This event is very important to Girl Scouts and everyone is welcome to attend. For the Daisy’s, there is a fee of $1.50 each to help cover the cost of patch, passport, travel bag and other supplies. The girls will have fun visiting other countries like Japan, Scotland and Mexico. There is an admittance fee of one non-perishable food item. Everyone that attends is asked to bring this as this years theme, world wide, is to feed the hungry. The Girl Scouts will be tourist at this event while family and friends will be guest. (see permission slip info)

The Ballet graciously donated tickets for our Daisy to see the Snow Queen Ballet. If you would like to attend with your daughter, please let me know so I can reserve the seats. They are giving all parents and siblings 1/2 off the price. Adults 18.00 (9.00 with discount) and Children 15.00 (7.50 with discount).

My Brother, of Wendy’s has offered to buy our girls lunch the day of the events. Parents and siblings will need to purchase their own if you lunch with us. All transportation is taken care of, however, if you would like to tag along, we will gladly put you to work. Besides, you will have fun too!

Mascot Travels

Angel Bear spent January with us and is currently on her way to Alaska. Snowball, a really cute polar bear arrived in February and will be staying with us for the month.

This is Snowballs first time traveling outside of Alaska and she is pretty scared. She will need her Daisy friends to give plenty of hugs. So far, Snowball hasn't said much but I am sure she will talk more once she gets to know us. You see, Snowball is a very young Daisy and will need us all to help make her feel comfortable.

Angel, in the meantime is doing well. She is a pro at this travel stuff now and looks forward to the next adventure. She told me, on the way to the Post Office, that she will miss everyone very much but is so excited about seeing Alaska.

We will be making a Mascot Travel booth for WTD and will tell the other Girl Scouts all about Angel Bear’s travels.

Troop Wish List

We need sticker paper or a rubber stamp for WTD.
If you think you can help, please let us know.

Investiture Ceremony Party

We’re having a party on February 26th from 10 to noon to celebrate being Daisy’s. Each girl will receive her pin and we will all have tons of fun. No Snack Host for this day. Instead, we ask that each Daisy bring 12 of something (cookies, sandwiches, candies, etc).

Parents are welcome to share in the celebration as well as a sibling or two. We will set out food and crafts, games and chairs and just have fun.

Summer Daisy’s

We would like to continue with Daisy’s over the summer and was wondering what you thought of that. We would meet once per month for a couple of hours for a regular meeting but could go on field trips as well. Give us your thoughts...

In September, your daughters will become Brownies. We will Bridge them to Brownies.  I will be be a Daisy Leader as well as a Brownie Leader next year.  Meetings for Brownies will be held at ED, if interested in having your daughter Bridge to my troop, let me know.

Arts and Crafts

I am offering Arts and Crafts classes to several age groups. We have a 4year old group, a 5 year old group and a 6 year old group. If you are interested or know someone else that may be interested, spread the word. The session is for four weeks with one class per week. The fee for the session is $25.00 per child with discounts for siblings. There are grants available for those that need it. Class size is limited. Classes start in June.

Summer Fun

Each year, I offer summer child care through the summer.. Basically, we have fun with crafts, hiking, swimming everyday and more. I am not a licensed Childcare provider, however, I am a licensed Foster Parent and complete background checks have been made. Lunches are included. Children must be potty trained. If you would like more info, call me. I charge less than other providers and your children will have a whole lot of fun. Space is limited to the first 4 children.

I also do drop in child care. If you need a couple of hours, any time, day or night, give me a call.

Girl Scout Promise

I my Honor,
I will try
to serve God and my Country.
To help other people at all times
and to live by the Girl Scout Law

Troop Song

I’m a little Daisy,
dressed in blue
I am a Girl Scout
just like you.
When I go to meetings
I sing and shout!
I LOVE BEING a Daisy Girl Scout!

Be sure to join in on the fun! We currently have nearly 250 leaders, co-leaders and helpers on the board. The best resource for Daisy Girl Scouts. This board was developed by us but is now maintained by a wonderful group of Girl Scout Leaders. It's free to join and your info is never sold or given away.


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