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Welcome to Coastal Carnivores

The web-pages within here are all linked with the left-hand column. The home page link will always take you back to this page. This website was designed to be best viewed in 800 x 600 format (to accommodate the majority of computer screens). This website also uses tables, but don't worry if your browser doesn't support them, you can always contact me directly.

Feel free to e-mail me with your questions or comments, or use the questions/comments page.

Latest news

May 24, 2001. Busy busy busy. That sums up my life. Between work, maintaining our local club webpage and helping organize meetings, plus my involvement with the ICPS, I've basically run out of time to keep up this website. However, the information provided here on cultivation, etc. is still valid, and I still answer my e-mails, so if this is your first time here, you'll find lots of hopefully useful information!

As promised, I have put up a section for articles. Have a look, let me know what you think!

Just for fun!

I found this artists rendition of a freshwater crab in a pitcher of, what I think is Nepenthes ampullaria. If you're really interested, you can visit the website I got this from. Looks like a happy guy, I didn't know crabs have teeth!

About Me

Hi, my name is Chris Teichreb and I'm the in-house website guru. While this website is relatively new, growing carnivorous plants has become somewhat of an obsession for myself. I have been growing these plants for over 7 years now and am always learning new things, and always seeing new plants I want to grow.

I am very active in the carnivorous plant community. I have contributed articles to the International Carnivorous Plant Society and, for the past two years, have been responsible for the set-up of meetings for the Vancouver Carnivorous Plant Club, a group of enthusiasts primarily from the Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA areas. I regularly meet and e-mail with other enthusiasts to gain new growing tips. I regularly post to the cp-listserv.

Where Should I Start?

If you are a complete carnivorous plant newbie, and don't know what the abbreviations 'cp', 'vft', and so on stand for, you should start at the 'What are cp's?' page and continue on to the 'Cultivation tips' page.

If you are an experienced grower and cp-jargoner, you might want to check out the 'What's New' page and go from there.

With that, carry on....

Note to webmasters: I am more than happy to provide links to your website, provided that the favour is returned. Websites should be related to carnivorous plants. The correct link to this site is:

All material contained within this website belongs to myself (Chris Teichreb) unless otherwise stated. No part may be reproduced in any form without my permission.

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