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Season 3 is out !!! But they keep on reapeating eppies!!!
Steve and Terri Irwin, you can't forget Suey the pig catching dog, are the stars of the awesome TV show The Crocodile Hunter.  Steve is the guy who can run down a wild pig, handle deadly snakes with his bare hands, is able to jump a barbed wire fence in a single bound.  Does he sound like Superman, well he is really darn close.  With words like bloke, heck, muck, and cikey, you can't help but love this Australian.

Steve is a herptologist that grew up in the Reptile & Fauna Park. I hvae the park's address and their e-mail address.In an  interview that I read on an On-line magazine Steve would throw a tantrum if his dad would make him go to school over going on an outing to catch a crocodile. From an early age Steve was tailing snakes and jumping crocodiles. The man now does the same thing, except jumps 16ft crocs and handles the 10 deadliest snakes in the world, at least 7 of them live in Australia.

The show "The Crocodile Hunter" is complied of different documentaries created by Steve and Terri to help Australians and the world to know the truth about crocodiles, snakes, spiders and any other animal that gets a bad rap and to respect them and their territory.

There are 10 one hour episodes and one special on the 10 deadliest snakes in the world. I have all of them listed and working on getting them all discribed. I enjoy making comments, so be prepared for the written journey I take you on. E-mail me if you have anything to say what so ever about my page or an episode(s). I would especially like to hear about the new series. Animal Planet has the schedule of when The Crocodile Hunter is on in the U.S.  I'm crockid55 at DrakeTheSnake2004@yahoo.com.  Write if you would like to know any information about Steve and Terri and I'll try and find it out. The questions and answers will appear on my Question & Answers page once i get one.: ) PLease feel free to e-mail me about anything conserning The Irwins,Conservation or any type of wild life. I also know qouite a bit about captive snakes!

Thanks! Crockid55
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