Welcome to Mario's Blazer Project! Welcome to Mario's Blazer Project!
This project started in October 2004.

Here are a few pictures of the 1979 Cheyenne Blazer that I bought locally (South Texas) for $550. Nothing has been touched except for a little cleaning. I have been working on it ever since. Everything except the motor is original. The previous owner installed a 1968 Corvette motor a few years ago. This Blazer has only had 2 other owners and is in good running condition. More pictures will be posted as I continue to work on the Blazer. I hope you enjoy the pictures and my journey as much as I am and will for a few years to come. Click the orange link to see the different areas I have been and will be working on.

Upholstery and Interior 10/04

Body and Exterior 10/04

Motor 10/04

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