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Hello there and welcome to my crochet home on the web. I hope that you enjoy your visit here.

I have been crocheting for nearly 25 years now. I was taught the basics by my Grandmother when I was a young girl, and have been hooked ever since.

Below you will find some patterns free for your personal use. Please do not post them to other web pages without my permission. Thank you and enjoy!

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Picot Petals Coaster
Pattern Added on October 3, 2002

New pattern added October 29, 2001:

Pam's Round Dishcloth

This Pattern Added on Sept 21, 2001
Janie's Tote Purse

My Textured Dishcloth

New pattern added July 12, 2001

My Mesh Dishcloth

New Pattern Added July 11, 2001

My Soap Saver

New Pattern Added July 9, 2001

Lacy Dishcloth

This pattern added June 13, 2001

Round Coaster

This pattern added June 6, 2001

Grannies Star Doily

This pattern added June 4, 2001

Flower Petal Dishcloth and Hotpad


Dishscrubbie Pattern

Free Patterns

Potpourri Hat

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