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Welcome to my little nest...
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Scottie's Place was constructed to be an informative and educational resource regarding the psittacine family of birds (parrots, cockatiels, parakeets, lovebirds and many other birds with hard, hooked bills). Sorry folks, that means there will be more text than pictures :-)! Although most of the information at this site is primarily geared toward the psittacine family, much of it can apply to passerines, also (finches, canaries and other birds with soft, triangular-shaped bills and three forward-facing toes).

Please enjoy the short, general narrative below, and then check out some of the links to my other pages which contain more specific information in the areas of: Nutrition, Basic Care & Environment and Health & Medical. For something on the lighter side, check out my birdie Album of Nestlings.This album contains pictures of my birds and (hopefully, eventually) pictures of birds from people who have visited my nest.

Throughout my pages, you will also find links to other websites which I found interesting and/or informative.

I hope you find my pages helpful in establishing a good relationship with your pet bird, and may your passion for your feathered family continue to grow and grow!

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Macaw The decision to get a pet bird should not be taken lightly. Birds are a big responsibility and require a lot of care and attention. They are very sensitive creatures and are greatly affected by their surroundings. Something as simple as a ticking clock near your bird's cage may be enough to make your pet neurotic! Birds can be very active and should be provided with a variety of toys to keep them occupied while you are away or are busy with other things. Birds also tend to mirror the moods and emotions around them: if you are sad, your bird will probably be in a rather sedate mood. If you are happy and bubbly, your bird will tend to be more excitable. If you are angry, your pet may reflect the aggressive energy, so please, be aware of your moods and your bird's environment.

Nature has placed birds at the bottom of our food chain. Because of this lowly status, birds are always on guard; they spook very easily, and they tend to hide any and all symptoms of illness until it is impossible for them to do so any longer, as any indication of illness in the wild would make them sure prey for any predator. As a result, by the time a bird shows any symptoms of infirmity, it is often too late to help it. The best medicines you can provide for your pet bird are prevention and proper nutrition!!

Macaw Birds have not been captively bred long enough to technically "domesticate" them. They are still classified as wild animals, and as such, they continue to live according to the strong survival instincts that nature has given them. No matter how hard you try, you cannot rid them of these instincts, which may include screeching, especially at sunrise and sunset (flock communication), chewing and food flinging (foraging). Again, putting a bird in a cage does not relieve it of its instincts. No matter how much your pet comes to trust you, it will continue to live by its natural, genetic code. Nature has also given birds the awesome responsibility of being an "indicator species." Simply stated, whatever happens to the birds will eventually, progressively happen to all other forms of life.

The information provided in my pages is by no means intended to be comprehensive or exhaustive, so be resourceful, and continue to research!! Learn as much as you can about your feathered friend.

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