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Iam a small hobby breeder in NW Iowa close by the Minnesota border. Right now I have two females, one adult & one puppy(future breeder) & one breeding male.  I am devoting my time into breeding to the Chihuahua Standard with great temperment, health, & quality. All of my adults and puppies are raised underfoot in my home, they are very spoiled & very socialized. I will most likely have smooth short coat & long coat puppies. All puppies will be com with registry papers. I will only sell to APPROVED homes. I usually sell my puppies as pets but sometimes I may have show quality & breeders available. I do have a Spay/Neuter Contract for some of my puppies with good reason. If you are looking into breeding one of my puppies~let me know so I can assist you in picking out the right puppy.

I will fly my pups, but only within the U.S.A. All costs will be paid by the buyer including air fare.  If you are looking for a certain color/sex of puppy, please let me know as there may be a waiting list. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me.

***Please Note ***There is NO such animal as a T-CUP Chihuahua. As with any breed, dogs can be big or small AKA "runts". In the Chihuahua breed, dogs this small can have many complications throughout their lives. The T-CUP myth is not recognized by the Chihuahua Standard.
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