Welcome to my site! My family and  I have been rabbit fans since 1996. I live with my husband two daughters on the beautiful Canadian prairies, in Sakatchewan. I breed Mini Rex and Holland Lop rabbits for pet and show - with type, health and temperment being first priority. The stock I have has come from reputable  breeders all over Canada and the States. The show quality young I've sold have done well for other breeders and few have granded. I'm sure this is entirely due to the stock I started with. Raising, breeding and just hangin out with the bunn's is a family habbit now. I like to share my love of mini rex rabbits with others.
     Our colour focus in Mini Rex has shifted and I've had to cut back on some of the varieties I carry. We will continue with Tri- focusing on developing the Chocolate and Lilac in this variety. Our other colours are Tort, Sable Point, Reds, REW's and BEW's. I will keep a smattering of Otter and Self, but in a very limited amount. In the Holland Lops we are working on BEW, Blue, Opal, Lynx, Lilac and Chocolate. My Hollands have been cut way back in number and planned breedings will be less frequent through 2008. I hope to add a small number of French Lops this Summer! I got to hold one in the Fall of '07 and fell in love with them. I am no longer breeding Netherland Dwarf.
     Take a look round the site, I will be adding more rabbit pictures as I do my site update for this year. We have many new additions to add in and many that were on my pages are gone so in some ways it's like starting from scratch! For sale rabbits will be posted through out the site's pages, if I have any. You can also e-mail for an up to date list.
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