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Chernabog is the name of the fierce demon from the "Night On Bald Mountain" sequence in Disney's masterpiece "Fantasia" (1940). As Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas relate in their 1993 book, "The Disney Villain," the creature was created by Disney Animator Vladmir "Bill" Tytla. The winged devil was based on the Black God of Slavonic mythology (which some references say may have originally been spelled 'Chernobog' before Disney settled on the name which is displayed on all current merchandise). Tytla was Ukranian and based the demon on a creature from Ukranian mythology -- a mythology based upon The Black Art (i.e. Black Magic) known as "Chorni-bok." As told in the Fall 1998 issue of The Disney Magazine, actor Bela Lugosi, Hollywood's most famous Count Dracula, was paid $150 back in 1939 to be the live model on which Chernabog was based.

Below are various pictures of the demon I have collected over time. Until the debut of Fantasmic at WDW, there was almost no exclusive Chernabog merchandise but that has certainly changed in recent years. I hardly claim this to be the most thorough Chernabog site in the world as many new ones have popped up over the years, but this one is the oldest. I do keep adding new pics as time allows so you never know what you will find here. Thanks for visiting!

There are MANY pics so this page may take a while to download. Enjoy...

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This original cel from Fantasia in on display at The Disney Gallery in Disneyland and sells for more than $3000. If I had the money, it would be on my wall now and not their's. ;)


This is a print of the same $3000 cel.


These are my old licence plates. It took too long to explain
to people what they meant so they are long gone.

chernabog12.jpg chernabog18.jpg

This limited-edition sculpture was a hit at the 1997 Disneyana Convention.
chernabog03.jpg chernabog04.jpg




A PVC Cherney, A Tiny Kingdom Cherney and a limited-edition pewter Cherney.
All part of my collection of the demon.


I still can't believe it! The Disney Store released a Chernabog costume for Halloween 1999. Too bad it was only available in boys sizes.


I own this T-shirt which was available in The Villain Shop at WDW in 2000.


If you played the "Who Wants To Be A Villionaire?" game at in 2001, you could have had this guy as your "Phone A Friend".

For Halloween 2001, Chandra Reyer, created this incredible Chernabog jack-o-lantern. Then her dog ate it. ;)

I own the T-shirt on which the two images above appear, but these specific pics
were taken from Gareee's Desktop Wallpaper.

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