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Greetings From the Neil and Cherie Logan Family!

Our family consists of Neil and Cherie Logan and children: Chani (Shawnee), Ben, Chamrie (Kamree), Chiya (KeeYah), Nathan , Ryan, Cheyanne (ShyAnn), Chalae (Shawlay) and Chrystal (Crystal)...born in 1998, she is still inside mommy in the picture.  Marshall Wayne, our first baby, resides in Heaven awaiting the Resurrection to be reunited with our family.  ( the picture is old but it makes US look younger!)  More Pictures

These are my personal views.  I do not represent the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in any way other than being an active member who loves the gospel of Christ and cherishes membership in his kingdom.

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Ten Children Born of
Courage and Faith
After the premature birth and death of our first baby I was told that all my babies would be born early and probably all die.  To have my children I would go to bed/couch at 15 weeks and stay there until 38 weeks.  Nine more children were born to me and only one of those was premature, 10 weeks early.  Eight of my children were born at home and one was a requested c-section and incredibly, one of the most spiritual events of my life.
Ten Children Raised on Hope and Love
Ideas and observations on every possible aspect of family life.  Some of the topics include: family communication, child care, teaching, marriage, church, routines and rules, lasting friendships.
Ten Children Living Principles of Truth
Short and powerful lessons learned over the years of having and raising ten children while homeschooling and living the LDS life.
New Mothers
Birth Stories, Nursing Babies and Caring for Young Children.
Becoming Crystal Clear
A Column for 
Latter-Day Saint Mothers

Where there is no vision,
the people perish
Proverbs 29:18
A weekly column covering these areas of Womanhood from an LDS Perspective:
Doctrine and Testimony,
Marriage, Children, Ponderings and Emotions,
Home Organization, Service, Knowledge
Social Integrity, Gifts and Talents, Smiles

Before I started my Becoming Crystal Clear Column I wrote two newsletters.  These can be found at:

Introductory Newsletter
Building for the Millennium
The Noble Child

A weekly column specially designed for Homeschooling Mothers and Those Exploring That Lifestyle. 

Articles of interest to both LDS and Non-LDS mothers



The Exceptional, Unusual and
Easily Lost Gems of Themestream
A weekly column reviewing the best articles on Themestream.  You will find everything from homeschooling and parenting articles to help with web pages.  Some articles are hilarious and some will touch the soul.  All are excellent!
Kitchen Chaos
Recipes for big families.  Recipes for Mega Cooking, cooking lots of meals at once.  Recipes for children.  Ideas for helping children learn about Kitchen Life.
Cherie's What's New
on Themestream Journal
This page is for my regular readers.  It lists what is new so you don't have to guess!
The Home Education Adventure
This is an index of my articles that are not part of the Noble Child column.  It includes links to other excellent homeschool sites. 
My LDS Perspective
These articles are of special interest to other LDS members.  While my religion is everything and obvious in many of my articles these are especially so.  For my readers who want them, here they are straight from my heart.  For my readers who aren't interested in LDS thought, these are easily skipped.  
Cherie's Family Life
These articles are for everybody!  Come, wander through my observations on life as a mother, wife, and daughter.
LDS Teens 
and Young Adults

O, remember, my son, and learn wisdom in thy youth;  yea, learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God.   Alma 37:35

is Wonderful
Grief and Comfort
How do the individuals in a family interact?  How do they learn?  How do they communicate?  There are many factors that go into a person's communication profile.  How they deal with options, structure, time, sight, verbal and emotions is a fascinating study.  Welcome to the universal hobby of communication.  
Bringing the Past Home
Beauty Amid 
Beyond Words
Cherie's Web Rings
Cherie's Favorite Links
The Index of Index Pages!
Pondering Delightful Classics
Graphic by Donna
Quick Inspiration

Take a minute and read a few inspiring thoughts.
Garden and Home Help
Coming Someday...if I can just stop turning green things brown!
Specializing in Children
The Noble Child E-Group for Mothers!
Awards I Have Received
Premature Babies
The Gift of Nobility Page
Everything you read here is freely offered, asking only that you honor my copyright by sending my site address to others rather than copying and sending the individual articles.  You may print and use my articles provided that you give credit to me as the author and link back to this site.

The articles were written in the hope that they will help mothers realize just how normal chaotic life with children really is and how priceless the journey.  If your heart is touched, your mind enlightened, your spirit strengthened and you are moved to help my family please visit my 
Gift of Nobility Page, the link will be at the bottom of every article.

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