You're the Reason
  Kristen decided to play match maker and made Kevin move so Naomi could sit next to Brian. Naomi noticed this and made a mental note to thank Kristen. Brian smiled at Kristen and mouthed a 'thank you' when Naomi wasn't looking. Kristen just shook her head and smiled at Kevin who was disappointed by his wife's actions. Everyone got quiet as Brian said a prayer.

"Dear Lord, thank you for this wonderful family and please bless this food and thank you for bringing us closer to Naomi. Amen." Brian looked up to Naomi's brown eyes. The rest of the dinner went off well. Naomi told the group about her job and her adventures while traveling. She finally told them about the assignment her boss had asked her to take. A photo project on Kentucky family life  She asked them if they could help her. They all agreed and then Brian's mom made the gesture for Brian to help her. Brian agreed and Naomi thanked them for the thought.


Dinner ended and it was time for Naomi to go home. Mrs. Littrell made Naomi promise to come over again. She did and Brian drove her home. It was silent in the car again, until Brian gathered enough courage to speak to Naomi. "What did you wish for before?'' Naomi blushed, "I'll tell you when it happens, Mr. Littrell."

Brian drove down the long drive-way and stopped the car. He walked Naomi to her door and without thinking he kissed her. Naomi was shocked, she had thought about doing that all night and here he was kissing her. It was better than she had thought it would be. He was gentle yet passionate. The kiss took Naomi's breath away. Brian pulled back and looked at Naomi for her reaction. She opened her almond eyes again and looked into Brian clear blue ones. "That is what I wished for, Brian." Naomi said and walked into her house.

                                          ~Back at the Littrell House~

Brian arrived home and had a goofy look on his face. Kevin was first to notice this change in his cousin. Kevin knew something had happened on his car ride. Before Kevin could say something to Brian there was a phone call. It was for Brian it was his girlfriend, Charolette. Kevin made a mental note to talk to Brian about Naomi. There was nothing he could do now just hope that Brian would do the right thing. 

Brian got on the phone and had no clue what to do. Before he could say anything, Charolette was in tears. She was talking too fast and he couldn't understand what she was saying. He picked up key words. Something about a mistake and being sorry. "Charolette, honey slow down what happened?" Brianasked concerned. "Brian, I didn't mean to. I have been away from you so long that I didn't know what I was doing."She confessed. "What are you talking about?" Brian shouted. "I kissed another man. Please forgive me...Brian?" her voice broke. Brian couldn't believe his ears. His girlfriend had kissed another man, but then he had kissed another woman. He knew now that they could never be together and he confessed. They decided to break up, it was the best thing to do. Of course they did it with regret. They had put a year into the relationship, but it wouldn't work. Brian hung up the phone with a sigh. He walked back out to the living room and saw Kevin staring at him. Kevin could see it in his face. Kevin nodded and a silent understanding passed between them.
Part 6
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