Okay I decided to make a thanksgiving Page this year.

I have a lot to be thankful for.

but first to my decorations "S" if you will follow me this way I shall show you the table.

Thanks giving was never a big holiday of me until this year My family is spread all over 

the country and we never get together for it but this year is so different for me I have so much to be thank full for. 

I have added a little bit of Pagan information I had enjoy and learn away


Really I am very thankful this year.
I'm thank full for my 3 wonderful boys who bring me lots of joy and sunshine and who 

never let me get sad. I'm thankful for my husband who was to scared of me to die on 

August 8 of this year. My husband was in a bad accident this year and had

his heart restarted 5 times. He spent a week in ICU and 3 days in Trauma unit before coming 

home. He made a miraculous recovery considering the doctors told me 6 months before 

he got out and who knew how long before he was able to go back to work if ever. My 

husband is and always has been a fighter in life and now in Death. My oldest son 

Zachary say his fathers accident and saved his life.

Thank you Zachary. 

My other 2 Meethos and Lestat saw it to but were to scared to say anything at all.

Zachary watched his fathers truck roll and drag his father over 50 feet. 

He screamed and got everyone's attention. Let me explain this. My husband Jon 

was outside working under his truck but he didn't place any blocks under the wheels 

and it was on a an incline ( stupid move always block the wheels before working 

on a vehicle ) well any way he did something and the truck started to roll backwards 

with him under it he reached up to grab something to keep from getting ran over 

with the wheels and his sleeve of his work overalls got caught and sucked up into 

the motor of the truck from underneath. He was trapped and the truck rolled down 

the drive way it took out one fence post before stopping ( we live on a farm.) I guess it 

had swerved from what Jon can tel me about what he can remember. We were working 

on putting a new deck on my fathers house ( we live with  whim) . I was inside making 

something to eat and was going to bring the kids in but decided to wait a few 

minutes( thank goddess I did) my father and an uncle were tearing the siding of the 

house since we had taken the old porch off so we could reside it. My father had his 

tractor running at the time. All three boys were sitting in the front yard watching my

father and theirs. Lestat was on Zachary's lap and Meethos was next to  him. They heard 

Jon cussing and looked up in time to see the truck go flying  by. Zachary started 

screaming at the top of his lungs and tried to push Lestat off his lap to run to his 

father. Mean while I hear the screaming and run out of the house as my father 

goes over to shut Zachary up and see why he is screaming. He spots what is happening 

and runs to my husband as the truck stops. He realized my husband is trapped 

underneath t and he can't get under the truck so he runs back to the house to get his

 tractor and drives it up the yard ( it was in a field but throw the yard was much faster) 

my dad wraps a chain around the bucket of his tractor and lifts the front end of the

 truck up off my  husband only to realize there is something wrapped around his neck. 

My uncle hands my father a pocket knife and the cut the thing around my husbands 

neck off but my husband is still caught up in the motor. My father cuts my husband arm 

free but he's barley breathing. Meanwhile I had called 911 but my kids were still outside. 

I needed to to go see if my my husband is breathing Zachary comes in and take the phone 

and tells the operator what happened. My aunt was staying with us at the time. She 

hears the screams so she comes out the up stairs on to her deck and sees the tractor so 

she runs down and gets the babies for Meethos ambulance take what seems like for 

ever to get ot my house.  They finally ge there as I'm freaking out and says my 

husband has to be life flight to the hospital but hey don't know which one at 

this point. They get him out from under the truck and on a back board but won't let me 

see him or go with them. We were lucky the life flight pick up point is only a mile from 

our house. They take him to it but on the way his heart stops and they get it going 

again but while waiting for life flight they have to start it one more time .  Life flight 

gets there they get ready to load him and his heart stops a third time.  On the 

way to the hospital it stopped a fourth time and as soon as he arrives it stops 

a fifth time.  We live about an hour and half drive away from the hospital he 

went to. I had called his family to let them know they all made it there before I 

did except his mom and baby brother 

I had to get them their car broke down. the whole time 

"I'm saying if you die Jon I will bring you back to life just to kill you. 

You Know I can. I will find a spell to do it" .

 Like I expect him to hear me. I left my kids with my aunt because I knew I was in for a long wait 

at the hospital.  After 12 hours I'm sent home but they don't know still if my husband is going to live 

or die.  While I was on my way home they called to say he was going gin for emergency spleen surgery. 

 I got the message and his aunt, uncle and sister went back in to wait for me I wanted to go but 

 knew my kids needed me. That week he was in ICU was the hardest for me I was there 11 hours 

a day for every visiting time but for 2 days he was on a ventilator and for 6 he was so doped up he 

didn't know I was there. When he finally woke up I was the one person he asked for. He thought I 

had been there day and night and told me he was mad at me for it the kids needed Me. The  

kids got to see him twice before he came home and it was hard for them. He's back to work now 

and has a few problems from the accident but he's my stubborn man"S" I was so scared I would 

lose him. we have been together 10 years when this happened married for 7 and a half our 

oldest Zachary turned 9 4 days before was scared my youngest Lestat world grow up never 

knowing his dad at all he's only 2 now. My middle son Meethos bonded with his father and 

I was scared that he  would lose his favorite parent forever. The kids are standoffish about 

their dad understandably but I thank the Goddess each and every day  for Jon he's my soul mate 

and if I lost him I don't know how I would go on I grew up and changes for the better 

because of him He has supported me in everything I do and believe 120%. 

I'm thank full for my babies because I was never suppose to be able to have any at all. 

My youngest has seizure problems and has since he was 10 months old but I wouldn't 

trade a day in the hospital with him for anything in the world if it meant I couldn't have my 

baby. I'm thank full for my Uncle Art who held me while I cried over my husband during the 

paramedics working on him. I'm thankful for my father who saved my husbands life and took 

care of my kids while I was in the hospital with Jon .I'm thankful for my Aunt Diana who took 

my kids while I broke down several times and took my kids to see their dad in the hospital. 

I'm thank full for my Aunt Joanne who tried in her own way to be there for me during my 

time of need. I'm thankful for my mother who even though we don't get along all the time came 

out from PA to Oregon to be with me while my husband first came home from the hospital and 

took him back in 3 days after he was released because he couldn't breath and just sat in the 

lobby while We found out what was going on even though she almost got arrested for being a 

vagrant. ( that's a funny story. Have to tell it some time.)

I'm thankful for all my team leaders who placed me on extender LOA while 

all this was going on when I said I wanted to drop out and stood by me when I 

came back and allowed me to be where I was before. And I'm thank full for all of you 

who have made my time in compations fun and made me laugh and cry at the same time.

I am thank full we live in a country that I can be a Pagan in the open and not have to 

hide if because I fear for my life. and I'm thankful that I can just me me 

the weird kitchen witch with a refreshing lime twist. "G""

Thanks mom if you ever do read this. 

And I'm thank full for all the wonderful friends on  and off the internet who were there for me 

even if it was just with cards and such it helped a lot. this year has been a stress full one but 

thank goddess I made it through it an can look forward to christmas.  just fathered but major 

things I ma thank full for. Imagine me a 28 year old  widow with three boys no thank you.

Okay a little Pagan info on Thanksgiving day traditions hope it helps those seeking information .

I don't remember where I received this information from been member of different pagan newsgroups for 7 

years now and just found this on disk while trying to weed out my Personal BOS. But here goes.

Abundant was the Roman goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune. 

The cornucopia ("horn of plenty") was used by Abundant to distributes grain and money. 

After the Roman occupation of France, Abundant remained in French folklore as Lady Hobunde. 

The Cornucopia symbolizes abundance, usually seen as a curved goat's horn, filled to overflowing with fruit and grain 

but which could be filled with whatever the owner wished. The Cornucopia has always been associated with ThanksGiving 

and has been a symbol long before ThanksGiving as we know it today. Man has always been thankful for 

the abundance provided by nature or God. The Cornucopia or horn of plenty originally came from ancient 

Greeks mythology and carried on until today with a similar meaning. The oldest account of the origin of the Cornucopia. 

Zeus (Jupiter) was committed by his mother Rhea to the care of the daughters of Melisseus, a Cretan king. 

They fed the infant deity with the milk of the goat. Jupiter broke off one of the horns of the goat and gave it to his nurses, 

and endowed it with the wonderful power of becoming filled with whatever the possessor might wish. The horn 

of plenty was regarded as the symbol of inexhaustible riches and plenty and became the attribute of several immortals 

and of rivers as fertilizers of the land. An other story is about the fifth labor of Hercules. In which Augean Stables- cleaned in 

1 day by diverting a river. Hercules fought the river-god Achelous, while they were delayed on their journey by 

the overflow of his waters. Hercules fought the river-god Achelous who could take the form of either a snake or bull. 

Achelous failed to defeat Hercules as a snake ad took the form of a bull. Hercules ripped his horn off and diverted the river. 

This land was very fertile, and this is meant by the horn of plenty. Than the Naiads took the horn, consecrated it, and filled it 

with fragrant flowers. (in the Roman version it was the goddess, Abundantia) adopted the horn and made it her own, and called it "Cornucopia". 

Autumn Leaf Spell for the Fall Equinox In the fall, write a secret wish upon a fallen leaf. 

Choose a leaf with red colors for a wish pertaining to matters of love, sex, passion, or health; 

a  gold coloredone for wishes involving money; a brown one for protection; a purple one 

for healing; an orange one for energy; a yellow one for confidence, attraction, or persuasion; 

a green one for fertility, success, or good luck. Fold the leaf in half (or roll it up) and seal it with 

a kiss. Using the flame of a white candle, set the leaf on fire. As it burns, visualize your wish coming 

true for you. by Gerina Dunwich Llewellyn's Spell-a-Day 09/22/01

Autumn Meditation For this meditation, which takes advantage of autumn's inward turning 

energy to help you contemplate life and afterlife, you need an image of the goddess White Tara, 

plus a suitable incense like nag champa or patchouli. Begin with this invocation: "Tara, star 

goddess, eternally burning one-fuel our hunger for knowledge, prepare us for release from the merely 

physical, and ferry us across from the world of delusion to the world of truth. White Tara, bright Tara, we

beseech you: Open your three eyes to the deeds of our lives and teach us to see beyond death to freedom." 

Spend at least ten minutes meditating on the meaning of life and the infinite possibilities of the afterlife. 

You may find it helpful to gaze at the goddess image or the smoke, or you may prefer to close your eyes. 

Afterwards, thank White Tara for her help and let the incense burn out. 

by Elizabeth Barrette LLewellyn's Spell-a-Day 9/15/01

These are my thanksgiving plate I will be using for my family "S""
This is my candle for my table this year

These kinda decried my family

I received this Cairn for my sister who passed years ago she raised me And I miss her very much

I received these ase gifts from a VE Friend aren't they to cute?

I adopted this one form Wizards Quest


This is a song I got years ago from Huggies when my middle son was just a baby it's a traditional Thanksgiving song

Over the River through the Wood

Over the river and through the wood

To Grandmothers house we go.

The Horse knows the way, to carry the sleigh

Through the white and drifted snow

Over the hills and through the wood

To have a first rate play.

Hear the bells ring, ting-a-ling-ling!

Hurrah for Thanksgiving Day!

Over the river and through the wood

Trot fast, my dapple gray!

Spring over the ground like a hunting hound, 

For this is Thanksgiving day.

Over the hills and through the wood,

and straight through the barnyard gate.

We seem to go extremely slow---

It is so hard to wait!

Over the river and through the wood

Now Grandmothers cap I spy!

Hurrah for fun! Is the pudding done?

Hurrah for the pumpkin Pie!


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