Tie ~Dyenamite!


Hello and welcome to my new website, Tie-Dyenamite!

Here you will be able to find, trade, and discuss all sorts of tie-dyed collectibles, from bean bag plush, to psychadelic memorabilia, to just about anything bright and colorful!

SO, grab yourself a cup of coffee (or juice, or whatever makes you mellow), sit down, and exercise your mouse hand by surfing through my site!


  Trading Board - Here you can find easy-to-read, thorough descriptions of items available for trade.

  Peace Board - Finally, a buying/selling/trading board for us Peaceaholics! Come in and add to your collection, or grudgingly part with a few of your favorite Ty(TM) Peace Bears. A new, one-of-a-kind posting form will make it much easier to determine and explain the unique color schemes of your particular Peace bear!

  Sales Board - Got a few extras lying around? A simple form will help you turn them into cash by selling to other collectors!

  Message Board - Here you can discuss all sorts of things tie-dyed with other tie-dye afficionados.  Find the answers to all your questions by asking the pros...our readers!

  Rumors and Gossip Board - Psst...did you hear???  Well, we'd all like to know!

  Encyclopedia Tie-tannica - Just what are the different types of Peace bears?  What generations of Garcia are available?  Does Sugaree REALLY look like what I've seen? Find loads of photos and stuff!  My attempt to provide reference material that's a bit more exciting than your seventh grade History book.

  The Gallery - Enjoy fun photos submitted by myself and my readers.  Say cheese!

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