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Cigarette Juice Box
A Weiß Kreuz Archive

Update in Stories. CJB final chapter!


Happy Holidays, mein lieblings! Cigarette Juice Box chapter 6 is up and running. May I remind you that CJB is not a death fic and it does lead into Glühen, so worry not.

12-26-o5 (Hanukah day 1)

Update in Stories. Cigarette Juice Box chapter 5 is up and running.


Update in media! I finally did you a holiday picture!I am accepting fan art and fan fictions, so if you have anything to send in, please E-mail it to me and I'll get right to it. Happy holidays, mein lieblings!


Ahh, hello, my lovlies. While I regret to say there is no update currently, the stagnant nature of this site was caused by my marching band and now that the season's over I have more free time to write and update for you!

Also, my other excuse to post on the main board is that I wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and a late Happy Halloween. (I hope you all haven't rotted your teeth out...)And again, the sesons are changing, so if you have any ideas for seasonal backgrounds, either E-mail me at bombayfreesia@yahoo.com or sign my guesbook with your wonderful ideas. Until next time, mein lieblings. <3


Cigerette Juice Box Chapter 4 is up and running.


Hello, mein lieblings. There is an update in Media under cosplay. Take a look. <3


Alright, I've edited chapter two of CJB and posted it and also posted chapter 3. Yes, look at that, an actual update! Sorry it took so long.


Hell yes! 100 hits in only a few weeks! Celebrate in glory! *mutter* Then bet back to work...

There should be a happy hits picture showing up eventually. I'll probably be drawing it over the weekend while trying to remember not to use any of the colours that can't be picked up by the scanner. T^T


Alright, I've finished (finally... damn I've been worked off my ass of late.) editing chapter one of CJB. Now, it's up to date and better-written because last time I edited it was a year ago. It's looking better and I plan on moving onto chapter two just as soon as I can. It'll probably be up in a few weeks and then I'll convert chapter three into HTML, edit that and we'll be good to go, I think.


Hello, and thank you for coming into another update of Cigarette Juice Box! I've added two more cosplay pictures and I'm sorry to say that the Omi pictures are me the first day of A-kon 16 in Dallas, note the bags beneath the eyes. I do believe I was sleeping on my way up. Anyway, I have also added a cosplay picture of my good friend Shoe playing Schuldich. Shoe has not gotten the costume together completely yet, but this is with the headband and sunglasses. We're planning on trying to make it to Anime Fest in Dallas this year, so check us out if you get the chance.I'll either be with Shoe or a rather tall, intimidating looking fellow with a mallot reading "fanboy slayer".

I've been working on a picture of Aya on and off for a few months now and it seems to be coming along quite nicely, so hope to be expecting that to replace the horrid one I previously posted. (It's by me so I'm allowed to knock it. >3 )

That's all for this time, lovelies. Keep on reading!


Well, I've posted "Hurt" finally. Check it out. Meanwhile I'm working on something between Schuldich and Nagi called "Raijin". It's a one-shot revealing a fear in Schuldich that completely shatters his resolve and perhaps his image to Nagi. Let's hope it pulls through. Until my next update or until someone actually reads this, read on, my pretties.


Hey, look at that, it looks as though I've finished Chapter two. This makes me very happy, though I have to say that I've been in a bit of a slump, so sorry if it's not as good as would be expected. ;-; I've also mainly rewritten "Hurt" but, again, it's not as good as it had been. My slump is really bothering me and I'm beginning to wonder if it's because of my lack of new music... Or my inability to zone well.

As to anything else, I don't quite know. I haven't found any active Weiß sites, so I don't know when or if anything will work out with that. I'm thinking about the "Priceless" webring. Oh, just the banner is awesome. Sorry, this thing had become almost like a journal for me. I should probably stop that. XD

So until next time, mein lieblings, jaa!


Well, it looks as though the only other story I had up is suddenly being revoked for showing. So AbyssinianTraum and Kittowasurenai's "Something to Do" will promptly be removed and deleted. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello and sorry for the long absence. I was going crazy doing theatre things and making up time for school since I was sick so often XD. After my last update I found that Chapter 2 of CJB had been corrupted to the point that the chapter was only about five pages out of the original 15 or 20, I think. If I can reform my thoughts I will be rewriting that today and hopefully providing you with an update even though I doubt many people will be reading it as of yet. I will also be sending CJB to a few sites if they're still accepting stories to widen the fanbase. That will make me muy happy! After all, having worked on this story for the entirety of my summer vacation and then going over technicalities ever since... damn. I figure I deserve some credit.

Well, anyways, I just came back from A-Kon (a convention in Dallas Texas) as Omi and I'm currently downloading a picture or two from a photographer from Cosplay.com (Go there, it's marvelous) just to, you know, be happy that I actually got everything done on it in time for the convention. (I was afraid that I'd be Tifa all three days again. I didn't want the staring. ;-; ) That is if the site would respond.

I may be putting up a few more fanarts. Yay hearts! However, I believe that I will be taking down my single terrible one simply because it should be at the bottom of the list after people start sending things in. If they do. Let's hope. ^^;;

Which leads me to the fact that I found a Schu and Ken and Yohji while I was there (while Abyssinian Traum was my Aya) and although we didn't go ice skating, I did get a rather funny story about a Hentai game. So their Amine Club was given prizes from someone at the school to deal out with a contest that they were holding and one of the prizes was a Hentai game. Well, they weren't about to give it out at a highschool as a prize, so they went home and played it and even though they answered all of the questions, no one got any of them right. They failed the game. So they went online to find a way to win and-- Lo and Behold!-- the creator was "Tsukiyono Omi". Let's just say that we found out what Omi was always doing on his palm-pilot. That and Yohji wasn't quite right about the "looking up porn" thing. He was making it, the dear boy.

This has been a rather extensive post, so I believe that I will leave things here. Look me up sometime, Yaoi kittens. Ciau!


First of all, as you can see, if you are here, I submitted the site into a few search engines, so hopefully I'll be receiving some comments. I should get a guest book and a counter in here, but seeing as how my time has been pretty eaten up by various acting things, I'm afraid that I don't have much time to surf the net any more. However, once my current production is finished, I assure you that I will pay the site the attention it deserves.

Also, I put up the pictures, the disclaimer and my personal info, no matter how vague it is. Although I have only posted the first chapter of CJB, I can assure you that it is finished. However, I was debating taking the extraneous information from chapter six and making it into a full-length chapter with elaboration and the explanation of how thw Weiß boys went from the original series to Glühen. Sadly, I can't get my hands on "Assassin and White Shaman" to make it more accurate, so CJB will just be an anime-based fanfic. My appologies, kitties.

"Hurt" was never found. I must mourn the passing. Also I must type up the Colorado trip in which Yohji jumps into the pool from the second-floor. (I think, I haven't read it in a while, but I can assure you that it's entertaining.)

For now, enjoy the site! I'll post more things when I can get my grubby paws on them. Maybe Miko no daa will allow me to post some of her work. I'll check. But for now, as the great Miyavi says "girls be ambitious!"


Wow, I finished Glühen today. I have to say that I proud of myself fro being able to predict Koyasu so thoroughly. I did final touchups on the last chapter making it fall further into the linking points between Glühen and the Original. Besides that, I'm working on an oekaki. Be proud. Depending on how it turns out, I may post it.

I have to say that... well... I can't believe that Mamoru became so corrupt. That was one thing that I never suspected. Koyasu didn't finish up trying the ends and I have a feeling that once he startes to miss Weiß again, he'll return to "finish up." Hopefully he won't have to switch companies and redo character designs. As for my writings, I'm planning to stick to the original character designs for all points in time, except for the shaving of Yohji's hair. In other words, Mamoru/Omi won't have the random bang in his eyes. That bothers me. Besides that... Well... I think that's all. I'll talk to you when I can, my yaoi kittens.


Look at this, look at this!! I got "Something to Do" up! I have a feeling that it's successful, though the font color isn't quite working for me. I can fix that no problem, now the main part is for me, an html illiterate person, to be able to hook it up correctly into the frames. Wish me luck, my pretties!


"Something To Do" By Kittowasurenai and AbyssinianTraum. This is just the first part, of which I finally got off my ass to translate into HTML. Have fun, ja?

Haha... you'll probably hate me once you read the first chaper of CJB and find that I'm going to torture you by only putting up one chapter at a time. The story itself is finished, and has been for a bit of a while... but I'm greatly hoping that I can get one of the co authors of 'Something to Do' to beta it chapter by chapter for me so that I can slowly fix the things that I need to. After all, I'm horrible at grammar and my spelling is even worse. If it weren't for spell check, I believe I'd be thoroughly dead. However, the thing is set on Brittish English, so if you have a problem with 'u's, get over it.

I swear, I love you all!

Oh, if you need to get a hold of me, my E-mail is as the URL supplies. bombayfreesia@yahoo.com.

Wait.... I haven't provided a name for myself yet. This I must ponder. I'm sure by the time I get to be big (harharhar) you'll all have made me names on your own. ah well -sigh-

That's all for now, oui? Au revoi, mon petit.


Cigarette Juice Box Chapter 1

Alright, I suppose it's time to break some sad news. My writing computer has been glitching up and 'Hurt'(my extremely sad, but pretty oneshot) has had all the data erased. Hopefully it will be found unscathed on a floppy, but as of now my compy is eating rtf files. Sad day for us all, I'm afraid.

However, I have spoken with a colab group on allowing me to post a story called 'Something to do'. It's a yaoi fic between Aya and Schuldich (or Schuldig as they like to say, according to the correct translation of his name. (in German, Schuldig means guilty)) and mentioned Yohji X Omi with just a tiny bit of hinted, onesided Ken X Aya. It's quite detailed and highly lemon, but it's gorgeously written and I suggest you read it. Hey, it's something to do!

That's the extent of my update, dearies. I will be back to post more as soon as possible (even though I know that no one is reading this because I haven't started the site yet... >.<) So until next time Yaoi Kitties, Jaa ne!


Hello again nonexistant viewers! I'm writing to inform you all that I recently went on a trip to Colorado and wrote a story about all the events in the view of the Weiß boys. I look at Yohji in a whole new (non yaoi) light since I took the trip with my father. It's very interesting and pretty funny, considering there are four mega city boys in the wide open country. Yohji has a bit of problems with his English. Omi does as well but this leads to an interesting (and quite embarasing) event.

Also Cigarette Juice box is on chapter 5 of 6 and is heading in a rather depressing direction. Chapter 5 has a bit of lemon between Aya and Ken as well as Omi and Nagi, although the latter is a bit forced on by someone in immense need for immortality.

That's about all my chicklettes. I would also like to post that if anyone has some good, non-cliche Weiß stories I will be more than happy to read through them and post them in the fan fiction section of this site which has not yet been made. Entry information will require the author's name/alius and description of the story. If no description is provided, I will make one up myself.

That is the extent of my update. Hopefully once I finish drawing the backgrounds and what not I can put up some frames on this dead piece of network. Until then, WRITE MY MINIONS!


Aloha. This is a brand new site started by your truly. Just so you know I don't have anything up nor do I expect to place anything up while I form the site's HTML. It may take quite a while, but I'm sure that I will get something together to make normal posts. I've got a story currenly in the works called "Cigarette Juice Box" and it is a yaoi of... well... expected results. Lemon in the first chapter, but beyond that it's mainly shonen-ai between Omi and Yohji, Ken and Aya as well as two one-sided loves: Schuldich to Nagi and Nagi to Omi. Much fun. So off I go. Jaa.


Also visit my non updating Final Fantasy 7 site. Shameless plug, I know...Hidden Secrets

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