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Welcome players and curious visitors to Bob&Rob's Main Castle. We attempt to cover Heroes 2 and 3 and will continue to display maps for each version even as newer ones are released. With each new version released, many sites change their coverage or close down. Not here. We want to be your first stop for Heroes 2 and 3 information. In addition to fresh maps, we also offer game information for those who've misplaced their strategy guides.

The biggest change, beside the one you noticed when being redirected here, is that the left column links will be version-specific. Heroes 3 links will only appear in the Heroes 3 section. And you can return to this page to link across to Heroes 2 information. Hopefully this will reduce confusion by reducing the number of links showing on any one page.

Please support us in the Heroes Top 50. We don't get anything out of it except pride in knowing we're doing a good job in your eyes. Please give us that much.

Revisions, updates, and additions occur frequently, or at least regularly, so if your browser doesn't clear the cache each time you visit, please reload this page to ensure you are seeing our latest information! To see a recent list of our additions/revisions/updates, visit the Updates page!

Have a general comment or question about HoMM, (or MM, LoMM, or CoMM)? Post it on our message board!

If there is something specific you'd like to see added to this site, tell us when you record your visit in our Guestbook.

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