For those of you that dont know me, Hi Im John.
Hi guys.
Let me make this official for those of you that dont know.
I've had several request for work. I'm not in a shop right now, so its illegal for me to tattoo. All my gear is packed away awaiting the opening of a place of business some time in the future. This hurts no one as much as it does me, but its the way it has to be for now.
And this means no piercings either. There is a new shop in town that i am in negotiation with for some possible booth time. Let ya'll know how it goes.
We made it back from vacation. Only prob was having to come back!!!!!!
Took bunches of pics, and here they are
When we play Im going to take some pics and put them here. So i guess we need to play!
These are the new piercing pages.
They contain nudity as some of the piercings are in nude places.
If you ain't OK with this, or ain't old enough, go away!!!
I recieved an order for enough stuff to do me for quite a while. And Im going to start saving the money to open the shop here in Hamilton. I have piercing supplies in stock, but remember, I dont do tongues. So get your butts over here and get some holes poked. When the shop opens, I'll be looking for a qualified piercer to work for me, so if your interested, send me an e-mail...
Here I put the pics of the people I know. I may not want to admit it sometimes, but here they are...
Bring on the clowns
The Pierced Webring
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Right click it and 'save target as'. Re-name it to l2.ini and put it in your l2 system folder. it has the current info. if it needs updated, just tell me.
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