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Gary was another victim of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, also see the Tolin boys..
I want to thank all the parents/siblings that added their loved ones names to this memorial.  I appreciate that you are trying to help others by sharing your loved one.  Some of the loved ones died because of their  addiction and some because of the addiction of mothers who drank or did drugs while pregnant, drunk drivers, or getting in the vehilcle with someone who has used drugs or alcohol.
I have met a lot of parents of drug addicts since getting on the net....some have seemed to be embarrassed (none of the above parents) because their children were or are addicts.  I have to say that I felt many emotions since Lisa started using drugs, but embarrassment was never one of them.  PARENTS PLEASE DO NOT FEEL EMBARRASSMENT FOR YOUR CHILDREN......THEY HAVE FOUGHT OR ARE FIGHTING THE STRONGEST, MOST EVIL DEMON  AND MOST ARE SO YOUNG THEY DON'T HAVE A HOPE OF WINNING WITHOUT OUR LOVE AND SUPPORT (for some that is not even enough).  MOST FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT BY GOING TO REHAB MANY MANY TIMES.  PLEASE DO NOT IF YOUR CHILD GOES TO A REHAB AND THEN RELAPSES FEEL THAT IT WAS ALL FOR NOTHING....IT WAS JUST ONE OF THE MANY BATTLES YOUR CHILD WILL FACE IN THIS WAR , THEY MIGHT HAVE LOST THAT BATTLE BUT THEY MAY WIN THE NEXT TIME.....TO WIN THE WAR!!!!
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In Loving Memory
Jacob Thomas Akerman
B:06/02/83  D:10/24/01
Debra Ann Anderson
B:05/02/61  D:02/02/01
Kristian Mikhail Andersen
B:03/22/82  D:11/01/02
Adam Arthur
B:04/04/83  D:06/28/01
Jonathan Ray Atkinson
B:01/19/81  D:03/30/02
Andrew Audette
B:03/20/70  D:02/08/99
C.R. Baham
B:12/20/53  D:12/06/98
Melanie Rae Barasso 
B:02/21/75  D:09/23/93
Janet Baker 
B:09/13/62  D:04/23/91
Gary Baker
  B:10/04/95  D:10/09/99
Jason Anthony Barganier 
B:10/21/74  D:03/01/98
Joseph G. Batullo
  B:10/15/1975  D:08/08/98
Jeffrey James Barr
  B:10/31/78  D:05/08/99
Elanda Marie Barnett 
B:08/23/79   D:01/13/00
Karen Lynn Berry 
B:01/28/81  D:07/11/98
James David Bearden
B:03/08/68  D:01/31/03
Robert Thomas
Bickerton, Jr. "Bobby"

B:09/26/62  D:10/05/99
Kathryn Alline Birge
  B:12/31/79  D:12/23/00
Warren Bossalina
B:05/10/62  D:05/27/03
Mark Bottorff
  B:09/20/56  D:01/06/00
Matthew Brainard
B:04/27/78  D:01/21/02
Joseph Wayne Brinkley
   B:08/15/76  D:01/24/00
Robin Brunet
B:12/15/76  D:07/31/99
Jimmy Buckley
  B:1950  D:03/23/2000
LeR D. Bushnell 
B:12/21/65  D:03/16/00
Emma Sally Ann Cain
B:04/06/84  D:09/09/00
Jason Campana
B:  04/02/1982  D:01/16/02
Naomi Christa Carden 
B:10/18/73  D:05/13/01
Jessica Carroll
B:01/26/80  D:10/25/00
Joseph Chretien Jr.
B:01/09/69  D:06/20/94
Michael Cipolla
B:05/15/65  D:10/02/99
Jason Cormier
B:03/02/82  D:04/29/01
Glenn Cotton 
B:03/10/64  D:03/10/97
Vernon Creamer Jr
  B:01/29/72  D:01/23/98
Brian Dean Crum
  B:06/16/75  D:03/06/99
Joshua Cummings
B:07/  /80  B:01/18/02
Brad Dahlen 
B:04/10/76  D:10/22/99
Cheryl Dean 
Overdosed on 10/05/97
Jonathan Dreyfus
B:09/06/73 - D:07/14/02
Joan Drummond
B:05/10/41  D:01/04/02
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Christopher John Brul'e
B:05/17/68  D:12/09/03
Jeffery Lee Billuris
B:01/20/73  D:03/24/91
Douglas Martin Andrew Clark
B:03/23/72  D:11/16/02
Ryan A. Bailey
B:04/16/75  D:04/15/03
Michael DiGiantommaso
B:08/21/80 - D:05/15/2004
Cheryl did not die from her overdose, she cannot walk, talk, move her legs, arm, or hands, is blind and on a feeding tube.  If you are thinking of trying drugs, this could happen to YOU.
Paul Dwain Cothran
B:03/09/74  D:04/02/03
B:08/04/1951  D:04/28/04
Ralph R. Barnes Jr.
B:05/07/56  D:02/14/06
Ken Caminiti
B:04/21/63  D:10/10/01
DJ Conville
B:03/28/82  D:11/09/02

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