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In Honor of all the Loved Ones That Substance Abuse has Taken Away.
My daughter Lisa was taken away from us 8/27/98 by drugs.  She never thought that drugs could kill her.  Like most young people she thought she was invincible.  She was not.   I would like this page to list the names and dates for loved ones that have been taken away by drugs.

I would like to have this as a place that young people can see all the damage that drugs do.  To see all the people who thought that they could handle the drugs(you can not handle drugs.....they handle you).

If we could fill the pages with the names maybe it will deter some young people and children from ever getting started....so they will know if their "friends" tell them drugs won't kill you..... they will know it is not true.
If you would like my loved ones name added to the list please either fill out form or e-mail me the information
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