Welcome to my webpage! This site is totally dedicated to the keeping and breeding of betta splendens, otherwise known as fighting fish. Just click on the links below to go to my photo album or the stock shop. This site is currently still under construction and you can expect more interesting links related to betta keeping to be added in the near future.

Photo Album - Click here to see some of the strains I am currently working on.

Halfmoon - An article as the title suggests...

Stock Shop - Visit the stock shop if you want quality fish!

Links - Links to other betta related sites.



I am presently working together with my friend, Jonathan, in producing show quality betta strains. We believe in quality, and strive to produce bettas which surpass the norm. Check out his site through my links section.


You are to flare through these pages. This site was created on 28 Feb 2000.


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