Mindy's Tribute


       Only a few times in our lifetime are we lucky enough to have a special connection with a gift from GOD, and I feel that I have had that with Mindy.  She was one of my two Special Dog-Children. 


      I have had many dogs since childhood, but never, until Tami and Mindy, have I been able to just look them in the face and know what they wanted without words spoken. They both have had the way of knowing when I need their help and given it freely without question. Always there with a kiss to take away a tear, or just be there to talk to, in only a way, we know with each other.


     Mindy my beloved, you have been there for me in hard times, and good, last week  (Oct. 2, 2003), you finally said you were too tired to go on and wanted to join your sister Kibby. I am glad you made it to your 14th birthday, that cake was good wasn't it!!  ~  Run free and chase those squirrels my love, give Kibby kisses for me too. Just remember how much we love you!!

I sometimes pity people who
have never felt just cause
to share the bond between two souls,
one with hands and one with paws

Author: Terri Onorato



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