Here's some of the links I've found useful.  If you would like to suggest a link for me to include, or would like to exchange links, email me.  Some sites appear in more than one category if they are relevant.


UK Vendors

International Vendors


Personal Sites

Dancers personal Sites

Help with how to do some basic steps




Shira A personal site with loads of information including how to make costume items and do basic steps

Costume goddess Site with tips on how to make you own costume items.

Seven Veils Instructions on how to make a circle skirt and beaded bra

Cassandra Strand Personal page focusing more on beading and accessories.

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I've put a next to any vendor I've purchased from. You should check prices between vendors before purchasing as the same item can vary greatly. If you want to recommend a good vendor, email me


Bosphorus Market Previously called Bosphorus bazaar.  Sells handmade to order Turkish costume.  I have bought a costume and it was beautiful quality. If you buy something please say you found out about them here

Dahlal Internationale Absolutely stunning costumes. Egyptian and turkish costumes including Madam Abla, Pharonics and Bella.

Topkapi Designs Ltd Gorgeous Costumes that are unfortunately rather expensive.

Sim Moda Evi. Stunning made to measure Turkish Costumes. A wide selection of styles as well as custom orders.

Akai Silks hand dyed silk veils, as well as skirts and harem pants. If you're interested in any of the veils send me an email , as I'm hoping to be able to sell some of these soon.

Ebay Personal auction site which usually has quite a bit of belly dance stuff.  I've had good and bad experiences so check sellers feedback before you purchase anything

Pyramid Imports Sell everything from complete costumes to arabic language tapes. The costumes I have personally seen have been gorgeous.

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UK Sites

Farida UK based vendor that sells imported and made to measure items

Wiggle It UK based selling extremely cheap, but still gorgeous, basic costuming items (many appear to be indian imports).

Whirling Dervish UK based costume vendor

Forbidden Fruits UK Based costuming site

Zanzibars Specialising in ethnic jewellery from Peru and Tibet.

Faridas Passions Venfor selling various costuming items.

Aladins Cave UK site that sells all manor of costuming and accessories. Also has the largest music and video stock I've found in the UK. Really excellent service.

Shimmy Shop UK Based Site that sells costume items including great beaded fringe.

Hilary's Bazaar Edinburgh Teacher Hilary thackers online shop (she also has a shop on George IV bridge in Edinburgh)

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Communities, Associations and Groups

Bhuz Mainly a bulletin board, but useful for getting feedback on things

NADA The Northern Arabic dance association, a group concerned with promoting the dance in northern England and Scotland

Wiggle Mainly the North of england based, but still useful.

The University of Edinburgh African and Arabic Dance Society. University group that has classes as well as events such as haflas.

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Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, By Shira. A web site to educate, entertain, and inspire belly dancers!

Egyptian Dance! The Heart of Belly Dance Shelby's page with some great links and a history of the dance.

Visit the Belly Dance museum

Arabesque Dance Project Site with information on background and history of belly dance as well as links.

Joy of Belly Dancing A really helpful site with loads of information including links, history, costuming and dance styles

Judith Whitelaw Scottish Dancers site featuring a bit on the history of the dance and other interesting information.

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Dancers Personal Sites

Dina Egyptian dancer dina has a site that as well as advertising her teaching and videos also has some useful information on costume care

David Male dancer from Norway

Lorna Gow Edinburgh Based teacher Lorna has her own web site which has details of her classes as well as music reviews and more

Ninja Bellydancer Edinburgh based teachers Dawn and Kirsty's Site.

Belly Dancer Salome Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories, talent agency directory, jobs available, online lessons, articles and interviews

Helene Eriksen Dancer and dance ethnologist specializing in traditional dances of the Orient (in its widest sense). Has been performing since 1977 and teaching since 1979. Based in Germany but tours internationally.

Yallah Nogom El Nil Troupe base in Albany, New York, specialising in authentic dances of the middle east.

Saminas Belly dance Grampian based teacher and performer

Tribalray Linsey Macqueen, livingston based tribal teacher has her own site with information on tribal style as well as class details.

Zafirah Edinburgh based dancer Zafirah's site includes details of performances as well as a brief history of bellydance.

Kalila North of Scotland based teacher Kalila with events listing and gallery.

Help with steps

Shira A personal site with loads of information including how to make costume items and do basic steps

Venus A listing of how to do many basic steps

Miramar Slightly more complicated steps assuming you already know the basics.

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Arab Jukebox Real audio files of a number of arabic tracks

Arabic Song Translations Translation to popular songs, allowing you to find out what the song you like is really about!!

Aladins Cave The Best Selection of CD's and videos I've found in the UK.

Healing Music Neil Sharpe, a musician who plays and is available for hafla's or anything to do with belly dance. Has been performing and playing for the past 9 yrs and can work with other drummers. Either West African or Middle Eastern drumming

Miscellaneous International Sites

Belly Dance New York A great site that even includes a list of suggested retailers should you feel like a shopping trip to Egypt or Turkey.

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