What better way to surprise a loved one on a special occasion than with a beautiful exotic belly dancer performing for them?

Having dancers entertain at parties is a centuries-old custom, an honoured tradition in many parts of the world. Currently very popular in America, with Arabic rhythms becoming more mainstream (just think of Shakira) it's soon to be as popular in Britain

Our dancers are suitable for all occasions and for all the family

We are available to hire for all kinds of events and can be booked for all lengths of shows.

What is a bellygram?

A bellygram is a short entertaining (family friendly) belly dance show (5 - 10 minutes) ordered as a gift to surprise an unsuspecting recipient at a birthday, retirement, wedding, anniversary, or other celebration that is performed at the home, office, or party location. It may include fast paced dancing, veil work, sword balancing (must be booked in advance) and other aspects of traditional Middle Eastern dance. It will usually end with a faster paced, pop song to get everyone in the party spirit! During this song the belly dancer will try and get the guest of honour, if there is one, up to dance and show them a few moves. It is best if the recipient knows nothing about it before hand! Our shows are FAMILY ORIENTED so children are more than welcome and are usually the first ones dancing!!

A 'belly dancing telegram’. Just for the record, BELLY DANCERS ONLY TAKE OFF THEIR VEIL, and will not do bachelor parties or shows with less than 5 people in attendance.

Things to note before booking:

For more information or to book please email

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