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Hi all and welcome to my Rurouni Kenshin webpage. Look at all the links and especially look at all the pictues.Im new at this whole webpage thing but im hopeing that i will get better after awhile.
Links for some good rk sites
Rurouni kenshin Fanfic.
The pictures that are in the a gallery's at the top are taken from other webpages. If therz a picture in one that u think i shouldnt be able to put in just email me at ziberish256@netscape.net and i will take it off . Thank You!
The first link is a page that this girl created. She writes stories that take place after the show . They are really interesting and you shoudl check them out. The second link is wallpapers i came across while creating this webpage.
Thanks for checking out my page and have fun. Ill try and update so make sure you check back.
Web page created by me Christa.Thanks for coming.
Samurai X
Welcome to Uncle Kenny's
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