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                   1999 Yankees Roster

NO. PITCHERS            B  T   HT   WT      BORN  
22  Roger Clemens       R  R  6-4  230    8/4/62
36  David Cone          L  R  6-1  190    1/2/63
26  Orlando Hernandez   R  R  6-2  210  10/11/69  
14  Hideki Irabu        R  R  6-4  240    5/5/69
63  Mike Jerzembeck     R  R  6-1  185   5/18/72
55  Ramiro Mendoza      R  R  6-2  170   6/15/72
43  Jeff Nelson         R  R  6-8  235  11/17/66
46  Andy Pettitte       L  L  6-5  235   6/15/72
42  Mariano Rivera      R  R  6-2  170  11/29/69
29  Mike Stanton        L  L  6-1  215    6/2/67
27  Allen Watson        L  L  6-3  190  11/18/70

NO. CATCHERS            B  T   HT   WT      BORN 
25  Joe Girardi         R  R 5-11  200  10/14/64
20  Jorge Posada        S  R  6-2  205   8/17/71

NO. INFIELDERS          B  T   HT   WT      BORN  
35  Clay Bellinger      R  R  6-3  195  11/18/68
18  Scott Brosius       R  R  6-1  202   8/15/66
 2  Derek Jeter         R  R  6-3  195   6/26/74
11  Chuck Knoblauch     R  R  5-9  170    7/7/68
13  Jim Leyritz         R  R  6-0  195  12/27/63
24  Tino Martinez       L  R  6-2  210   12/7/67
19  Luis Sojo           R  R 5-11  175    1/3/66

NO. OUTFIELDERS         B  T   HT   WT      BORN 
28  Chad Curtis         R  R 5-10  185   11/6/68
45  Chili Davis         S  R  6-3  220   1/17/60
17  Ricky Ledee         L  L  6-1  160  11/22/73
21  Paul O'Neill        L  L  6-4  215   2/25/63    
39  Darryl Strawberry   L  L  6-6  215   3/12/62 
51  Bernie Williams     S  R  6-2  205   9/13/68   

1999 Baseball Happenings

     1999    American League East Final Standings
                    W         L       Pct.      GB     Home     Road
x-New York Yankees   98       64     .605      --    48-33     50-31
y-Boston             94       68     .580      4     49-32     45-36
Toronto              84       78     .519     14     40-41     44-37
Baltimore            78       84     .481     20     41-40     37-44
Tampa Bay            69       93     .426     29     33-48     36-45
x-Division Winner
y-Wild Card Winner

                 American League Final Regular-Season Statistics - Batting Average

                 Player,Team               AVG  AB   R   H   2B   3B   HR   RBI

                 Nomar Garciaparra, Bos   .357 532 103 190   42    4   27   104
                 Derek Jeter, NYY         .349 627 134 219   37    9   24   102
                 Bernie Williams, NYY     .342 591 116 202   28    6   25   115
                 Edgar Martinez, Sea      .337 502  86 169   35    1   24    86
                 Manny Ramirez, Cle       .333 522 131 174   34    3   44   165
                 American League Final Regular-Season Statistics - Saves

                 Player,Team                    S

                 Mariano Rivera, NYY           45
                 Roberto Hernandez, Tam        43
                 John Wetteland, Tex           43
                 Mike Jackson, Cle             39
                 Jose Mesa, Sea                33
                 American League Final Regular-Season Statistics - ERA

                 Player,Team             W  L   ERA   IP      H   R  ER  BB  SO

                 Pedro Martinez, Bos    23  4  2.07  213.1  160  56  49  37 313 
                 David Cone, NYY        12  9  3.44  193.1  164  84  74  90 177 
                 Mike Mussina, Bal      18  7  3.50  203.1  207  88  79  52 172 
                 Brad Radke, Min        12 14  3.75  218.2  239  97  91  44 121 
This year's ONLY
Perfect Game
My Memorial Day Trip to Monument Park

Someone Finally Listened To Me ..

This is One HAPPY Yankee Fan ..!!!

It's About Time ..!!!

Cone, Larsen upstage Yogi on Berra day

David Cone had the best audience of all for his perfect game Sunday - Don Larsen. Larsen, who pitched a perfect game in the World Series 33 years ago was on hand for ceremonies honoring Yogi Berra, who caught Larsen's perfect game. Cone made Larsen the more suitable honoree. Berra's day symbolized his reconciliation with the Yankees after 14 seasons, or since he was fired as manager in 1985 by owner George Steinbrenner. Larsen threw out the first ball and Berra caught it. Then Cone went out and did what Larsen did to the Brooklyn Dodgers on Oct. 8, 1956. "I was just thinking about my day. I'm sure David will think about this every day of his life," said Larsen, who clapped quietly from stands at the final out as fans in front of him leaped in the air. "We recreated our game before the game," Berra said. "He did it in the real. I'm glad we were both here for the this." Berra had already reconciled last January with Steinbrenner. Sunday's ceremony was staged to symbolize that. "I kind of broke down a little bit," Berra said after the ceremony. "I heard a lot of pros and cons about whether I should come back. I'm glad we made up." Berra had been back at Yankee Stadium this year to throw out the first pitch at the home opener, take part in Joe DiMaggio Day and watch other games. On Sunday, Berra was the focus. Berra was showered with gifts from the Yankees and applause from the fans. He was given a trip to Italy - and a meeting with the Pope - a 1998 World Series ring, a collection of rings from his 10 championships as a player. He also received a framed jersey, the original 1951 World Series banner and $100,000 for his baseball museum. But the best part for Berra was seeing former teammates like Bobby Brown, Jerry Coleman, Whitey Ford, Larsen, Gil McDougald, Phil Rizzuto, Joe Pepitone and Bobby Richardson and former players like Mel Stottlemyre, Don Mattingly and Willie Randolph. "It was touching to see all the guys," Berra said. "They didn't tell me who was coming. It was great." After DiMaggio's death in March, Berra gained the unofficial title of the greatest living Yankee and was the biggest link to the team's dynasty in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. "Joe DiMaggio was always the main stay at Old-Timers' Day and those events," said Bobby Richardson, who played with Berra and for him. "Yogi has taken over that role now." For 14 years, Berra had stayed away from the team he spent 17 years with a player, then managed twice and coached. The whole thing started when Steinbrenner dispatched general manager Clyde King to fire Berra after a 6-10 start in 1985. Until the home opener in April, the man who coined the phrase "it ain't over 'til it's over" had stayed away from Yankee Stadium for any official event. "I've been fired three times and twice was told by the owner," Berra said. "One time I wasn't. A manager is hired to be fired. I just wanted to hear it from the owner, not someone else." Berra and Steinbrenner reconciled in January and Berra is once again a prominent part of the Yankees. He visited the team in spring training and drops in on Yankees manager Joe Torre and the coaching staff just to talk baseball. "If he hadn't been away for so long it wouldn't be Yogi Berra Day," Torre said. "Every day would have been Yogi Berra Day. Yogi is a major part of what this team is about." During his time away from the Yankees, Berra coached for the Houston Astros, built his museum and occasionally showed up at Yankee Stadium early in the day - before he could be noticed - to visit friends. "No matter what uniform you would see him in, he was always in a Yankee in my view," said Don Mattingly, who played for Berra in 1984-85. "I'm glad that he has settled his issues because this is where he belongs."

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