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This is the house I grew up in .. and lived in for 24 years .. and that's the first window I broke on the garage door .. playing Wiffleball .. and it wasn't the last ..

This was Daddy's job .. he worked a magnetic crane at a scrap metal yard ..

Man .. when we were going through our party years there was the best club near us .. What a great club .. it was only a mile away from our houses
.. on Friday & Saturday nights it was $5 to get in .. Drink Free til Midnite .. !!!WOW!!!
(plus the added treat that a High School buddy was behind the bar for
**FREE** shots all night !!)
Well ... when I was living in NY ... I played a lot of softball ... and this was my main team ... ... This is Howie ... ... Our original Comebacks manager ... and my best friend ... ... ... Sometimes we even had cheerleaders ... let's here it for them ... {clap .. clap .. clap}
Well ... another thing I miss from New York is ... *** Jones Beach ***
Man ... did we know how to party on that beach ...!!!
We partyied all over though .. .. pst {whisper} don't tell them but there were some great "Going-away" Party's for Barry & Jay's parents at there house when we were younger {of course .. they were after they went away} .. and .. a few at Barry & Donna's apartment .. .. after they got married ..
There's a lot more to miss .... like Jon & Lisa's boat .. a J24 sailboat .. many a funny story comes from being out on "Da Boat" ..
..Or just hanging playing darts with Jon .. .. Jon was my witness too .. I got my first 6 corks against him ..
{that's 3 bullseyes for those how don't play Cricket} ..
I think I'll really miss all my fun friends in NY .. .. especially around Halloween .. we had great partys .. So .. do you think they look like the Flintstones .. I do ..
And I really miss .. .. shes the best dancer I have ever seen .. she was at 8 of my friends Bachelor Partys .. including mine .. I might just have to have another party for the hell of it ..

Then I can get more hot Cards from her .. or a new hat for me ..
This is Adie
I went back to NY for Superbowl Sunday this year .. and met my first IRC friend (face to face) in Brooklyn over that weekend .. we had a great lunch .. and saw a movie after that
And of course ..this is me again .. Adie took that picture .. we were in Sheepshead Bay
Did I party that weekend ..!!??!! Just ask anyone at 56th Fighter Group on that Saturday night ..
(except for the motley crew I was with .. LOL!!!)

Chris wasn't sleeping that night .. he was out with me til 5:45am Sunday morning .. guys night out .. we hooked up with a Bachelorette Party at 56th too .. 12 ladies for us to have fun with ..

New Boxes just brought up to the Attic

Well .. still locked into one of last year's Christmas presents ..
Well .. I'm trying to get used to the area down here .. and the culture .. Howie and I have been playing lots of Golf .. and even took in a minor league hockey game here ..

.. The Richmond Renegades ..
It was a great game .. .. even though they lost to the Toledo Storm .. .. they sure know how to have fun there though .. Jake and Elwood showed up that night ready to party .. .. they even had Sumo-hockey .. LOL !! .. that was fun to watch .. .. I don't know how they moved in those suits ..
Congradulations .. Barry + Donna Wolff .. one the birth of there first child a beautiful girl ..
Samantha Heather

           * * * * *
          |Happy      |
             __&__     __*__ |  Birthday | _____      _______
             |   | __  |   | |           | |\\ |  __  |\   /|
             |___| |_\ |___| |___________| |_\\| /__\ |_\_/_|
Here's Barry with the little sweetheart
She was born on February 22,1997 @ 10:30am .. after 21 hours of labor ..
(but I will let Donna give you all the details of that)
She was 6 lbs. 8 oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long ..
Well .. lately I have been trying out some Internet Audio Programs .. to cut down on the long distance telephone bills .. here are some of the better one's I have found ..
This is SpeakFree .. it's for two or more people to talk at once
This is Freetel .. it's for one on one conversations ..
So .. I got myself a good microphone .. and got connected ..
Wow .. just got a great letter in the mail today .. that's 4/2/97 .. from a special old friend .. Becky .. her and her husband Matt just had a beautiful baby girl ..
So .. here is Sallyann Kaitlyn Anderson ..

She was born on December 16 , 1996 .. and was 8 lbs. 3 oz. ..
I haven't spoken with Becky in a while .. since before I moved to Richmond .. I'm so glad to here thing are going great for the whole family ..
For all of us who want NO CENSORSHIP on the internet ... So we can be heard ... no matter how stupid we may sound ..

Or did you see this ... !!!

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