Post Season Central - WS Boxscores
Game # 3

NY Yankees (5) vs. San Diego (4) - Final, October 20
Chuck Knoblauch2B4010100.455
Derek JeterSS4010114.308
Paul OneillRF4110112.143
Bernie WilliamsCF4000025.083
Tino Martinez1B3100103.364
Scott Brosius3B4234000.538
Shane SpencerLF3110021.333
c-Ricky LedeePH-LF1000000.571
Joe GirardiC2000011.000
a-Jorge PosadaPH-C2010011.333
David ConeP2010000.500
b-Chili DavisPH1001001.286
Homer BushPR0000000.000
Graeme LloydP0000000.000
Ramiro MendozaP1000001.000
Mariano RiveraP0000000.000
Totals 355954819  
a-struck out for Girardi in the 7th; b-reached on error for Cone in the 7th; c-grounded to second for Spencer in the 8th.
Batting: 2B - Spencer (1, Hitchcock). HR - Brosius 2 (2, 7th inning off Hitchcock 0 on, 0 out, 8th inning off Hoffman 2 on, 1 out). RBI - Brosius 4 (5), Davis (2). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - Martinez 2. GIDP - Oneill. Team LOB - 7.
Fielding: E - Oneill (1, throw). Outfield assists - Spencer (Gomez at 2nd base).
David Cone 62323403.00
Graeme Lloyd 1/30000000.00
Ramiro Mendoza (W,1-0)12110109.00
Mariano Rivera (S,2)1 2/33000200.00
Quilvio Veras2B3210100.250
Tony GwynnRF4121000.500
Ruben RiveraPR-RF00000001.000
Greg VaughnLF3001002.182
Ken Caminiti3B2001121.100
Wally Joyner1B3000101.000
Steve FinleyCF4000011.083
Jim LeyritzC2000011.000
Carlos HernandezC2010010.333
John Vander WalPR0000000.500
Chris GomezSS3010010.444
Trevor HoffmanP0000000.000
a-Mark SweeneyPH10100001.000
Sterling HitchcockP2110000.500
Joey HamiltonP0000000.000
Randy MyersP0000000.000
Andy SheetsSS2000012.000
Totals 31473378  
a-singled for C Hernandez in the 9th.
Batting: 2B - Veras (2, Mendoza). SF - Caminiti, Vaughn. RBI - Gwynn (3), Caminiti (1), Vaughn (4). Runners left in scoring position, 2 out - Leyritz 1, Sheets 1. Team LOB - 5.
Baserunning: SB - Finley (1, 2nd base off Cone/Girardi).
Fielding: E - Caminiti (2, ground ball). PB - Leyritz. DP: 2 (Gomez-Veras-Joyner, Gomez-Veras).
Sterling Hitchcock 67211711.50
Joey Hamilton (H,1)10001100.00
Randy Myers (H,1)001110013.50
Trevor Hoffman (L,0-1;BS,1)22221019.00
Pitching Stats

Hitchcock pitched to 2 batters in the 7th. R Myers pitched to 1 batter in the 8th.
Pitches-strikes: Hitchcock 92-60; Hamilton 19-11; R Myers 6-2; Hoffman 37-21; Cone 87-47; Lloyd 1-1; Mendoza 12-11; M Rivera 22-19.
Ground balls-fly balls: Hitchcock 5-6; Hamilton 0-1; R Myers 0-0; Hoffman 4-2; Cone 6-8; Lloyd 1-0; Mendoza 1-0; M Rivera 1-2.
Batters faced: Hitchcock 25; Hamilton 4; R Myers 1; Hoffman 9; Cone 23; Lloyd 1; Mendoza 4; M Rivera 8.

Game Stats

Umpires: HP--Dale Scott. 1B--Dana Demuth. 2B--Tim Tschida. 3B--Jerry Crawford. LF--Rich Garcia. RF--Mark Hirschbeck.
Game Length: 3:14.
Attendance: 64,667.
Weather: 72 degrees, clear.
Wind: 5 mph, out to center.

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