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Bigfoot has now passed away this September .. and that is the last kitty of the old generation .. since Simba passed away in March 98 ..
She at least got to know that I have a new generation starting .. with Felix see more of him when he was a mere baby down below ..
Let's have a big Hello .. and Welcome to the family for Mini .. Well thats what I'm calling her so far .. cause she's so tiny .. I just went to the SPCA here in Richmond today .. October 7th .. and she picked me out ..
This is Homely she was the first cat we had .. I don't remember her I was way too young
This is Tiger she lived to be 22 years old .. she was momma to all the others
Tiger was around so long she deserves two pics .. this is her in her natural habitat
This is Spooky she was the original fraidy cat .. always hiding .. and had big claws
This is Poopsie he was everbodies buddy .. we all loved him .. he used to skateboard too
This is Knickers he was a pure breed Coon cat .. one green eye and one blue eye .. my Dad's favorite .. and a hell of a cute kitten .. see ..
Knickers was a real playful kitty .. he used to climb up Daddy onto his shoulder's and ride around the house
This is Greenies we called her that cause my father is colorblind .. and when he looked at her he saw her as green .. she was a present for my parents for some holiday .. from my sister .. she was all eyes as a kitten
This is Deco she was a very special cat to me .. she hung out with me alot
This is BigRed he was a tough old kitty .. also known as Big Fred .. or Fred .. he loved to hop on the females when they were in heat .. no matter how old he was
This is Mergatroid he was a cute kitten .. and a great buddy .. he loved the lady kittys alot
This is Ninnies she was a scaredy cat too .. my buddy Jay and I climbed up in another buddies tree .. Howie .. to get her down as a kitten .. after she ran across the highway twice without getting hit .. who said black cat's were unlucky .. she was one of Mommy's favorites
This is Nanoos she was a calico .. thats a cat with 3 different colored fur .. like Tiger .. she was a real cutie .. Nanoos .. Ninnies .. and Mergatroid were like the 3 mouseketeers
This is Tanya she was a hell of a mouser .. she brought them back to the garage for us all to see .. poor mickey .. now she was a real hunter of a cat
This is Skinnies he was a outdoor kitty .. that wanted in the house in the worst way .. he would climb up on the roof of our garage and meow in my window .. I used to carry him down to Barry & Jay's house to have Mitzi chase him away .. he loved that
This would have been Salty he was an outdoor kitty too .. but he made it inside at times .. Mommy used to call him Salty Balls .. we never got a picture of him .. at least none that I can find .. he was a Mommy's cat .. he was black and white like Felix here
This is Rags this is as close to her as any of us got towards her .. she was an outdoor kitty .. wouldn't come near people .. we feed her for years
This is Little Shits she was nursed back to health by Mommy .. we got her very sickly .. turned out to be Daddy's favorite .. she would climb up on his shoulder's .. like Knicker's used to .. when Daddy moved to Florida years later she went with him
Little Shits was a runt of a litter .. we think her and Bigfoot were from the same litter .. she was a cute kitten also .. never got too much bigger though
This is Yuckiez she was found in Eisenhower Park in NY .. by my friend Laurie .. we gave her a home .. cause she was a cute little furry head-butter .. and was my buddy Howie's favorite
This is Bigfoot she is a huge kitty .. she wandered up to our house last .. but is far from the least favorite .. she is here with me in Virginia now ..
This is Simba she is the Queen of all my cats .. I've had her for 17 years .. she used to sleep on my back all night .. she is down here with me in Richmond also .. I'm hoping she will be around for a long while with me also
This is Felix he is the newest addition to the Cohen Cat Clan .. So far he has lots of nicknames .. including PsychoKitty .. and Stupe .. cause he's so stupid ..

This is Mini actually she would be the newest addition .. just got her today .. October 7th `98 .. thats her Liberation day ..

In case anybody has lost track .. here they are again ...
  • Homely
  • Tiger
  • Spooky
  • Poopsie
  • Knickers
  • Greenies
  • Deco
  • Big Red
  • Mergatroid
  • Ninnies
  • Nanoos
  • Tanya
  • Salty
  • Skinnies
  • Rags
  • Little Shits
  • Yuckiez
  • Bigfoot
  • Simba
  • Felix
  • Mini ????
Not to forget these two either .. when I lived in Brooklyn with my 1st fiancee
.. Becky ..
This is Schvatza she was a sweet kitty .. and was the Queen of Brooklyn kittys as far as I'm corncerned
This is Sheeba she was a sickly kitten that Becky took in .. was blind in one eye .. so it was hard for her to jump anywhere ..
This is Kitty she is my sister Teri's cat .. she a tempermental one .. moody .. a loner too
This is Toonces she is Howie & Mary's kitty .. she's a Virginia cat .. indoor/outdoor kitty
Well .. thats all for the cats for now .. but a lot of my friends have had pets too .. here's some more pictures of all of them
.. Enjoy ..
This is Max he was our dog in NY when I was young .. real young I don't remember much of him .. but he was a big mean doggie .. which was my Daddy's fault
This is Mitzi she was Barry & Jay's dog .. and my favotite female dog of all-time .. she was a great dog .. real friendly and great for us when we were kids
This is Cap he was Mike's dog .. and my favorite male dog .. he was big and really loveable .. you just had to watch out in Mike's backyard .. where you stepped that is
This is Jesse she was my sister Teri's dog .. for a little while anyway
This is Pepper she is my sister's doggie now .. she is just a puppy still
This is Newton he is Jay's doggie .. he lives in Maryland .. Jay is a buddy for life
This is Honey that's DrmgAngel's doggie .. she is Deb my friend from IRC chat .. she says this is a picture of all her pets (they kid's are hers .. and she did get smacked for saying that about them)
This is Kahlua` she is `giggle^'s doggie .. She is Claudia my friend from IRC chat also ..
This is JD he is `giggle^'s doggie .. Claudia and I together run the #!loverslane channel
This is Duchesse that's xtn's doggie another friend from IRC chat
This is Chippy he was the best squirrel anyone could have .. of course we had plenty of them we feed .. but this one was special .. he was blind in one eye .. took anything right out of your hands .. and he was a ham also .. as you can see
This is Zimba he is Mike's Iguana .. that's GemDragyn's son .. she is Kathy another IRC friend .. I've know Kathy a while on IRC

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