Mark McGuire Hits 70 in 1998

I think they should rename Interstate 70 .. make it IMAC ..

Mark McGwire

  • Sammy Sosa's Home Runs
  • Roger Maris' 61 in 1961
  • Babe Ruth's 60 in 1927

    Mark McGwire's Home Runs

    1Mar. 31Los AngelesRamon Martinez35364
    2April 2Los AngelesFrank Lankford212368
    3April 3San DiegoMark Langston (L)15364
    4April 4San DiegoDon Wengert26419
    5April 14ArizonaJeff Suppan13424
    6April 14ArizonaJeff Suppan05347
    7April 14ArizonaBarry Manuel18462
    8April 17PhiladelphiaMatt Whiteside14419
    9April 21at MontrealTrey Moore (L)13437
    10April 25at PhiladelphiaJerry Spradlin07419
    11April 30at Chi. CubsMarc Pisciotta18371
    12May 1at Chi. CubsRod Beck19362
    13May 8at N.Y. MetsRick Reed13358
    14May 12MilwaukeePaul Wagner25527
    15May 14AtlantaKevin Millwood14381
    16May 16FloridaLivan Hernandez04545
    17May 18FloridaJesus Sanchez (L)04478
    18May 19at PhiladelphiaTyler Green13440
    19May 19at PhiladelphiaTyler Green15471
    20May 19at PhiladelphiaWayne Gomes18451
    21May 22San FranciscoMark Gardner16425
    22May 23San FranciscoRich Rodriguez (L)04366
    23May 23San FranciscoJohn Johnstone25477
    24May 24San FranciscoRobb Nen112397
    25May 25ColoradoJohn Thomson01433
    26May 29at San DiegoDan Miceli19388
    27May 30at San DiegoAndy Ashby01423
    28June 5San FranciscoOrel Hershiser11409
    29June 8at Chi. White SoxJason Bere24356
    30June 10at Chi. White SoxJim Parque (L)23409
    31June 12at ArizonaAndy Benes33438
    32June 17at HoustonJose Lima03437
    33June 18at HoustonShane Reynolds05449
    34June 24at ClevelandJaret Wright04433
    35June 25at ClevelandDave Burba01461
    36June 27at MinnesotaMike Trombley17431
    37June 30Kansas CityGlendon Rusch (L)07472
    38July 11HoustonBilly Wagner (L)111485
    39July 12HoustonSean Bergman01405
    40July 12HoustonScott Elarton07415
    41July 17Los AngelesBrian Bohannon (L)01511
    42July 17Los AngelesAntonio Osuna08425
    43July 20at San DiegoBrian Boehringer15458
    44July 26at ColoradoJohn Thomson04452
    45July 28MilwaukeeMike Myers (L)08408
    46Aug. 8Chi. CubsMark Clark04374
    47Aug. 11N.Y. MetsBobby Jones05464
    48Aug. 19at Chi. CubsMatt Karchner08398
    49Aug. 19at Chi. CubsTerry Mulholland (L)010409
    50Aug. 20at N.Y. MetsWillie Blair08369
    51Aug. 20at N.Y. MetsRick Reed01385
    52Aug. 22at PittsburghFrancisco Cordova01477
    53Aug. 23at PittsburghRicardo Rincon (L)08393
    54Aug. 26vs. FloridaJustin Speier18509
    55Aug. 30vs. AtlantaDennis Martinez27501
    56Sept. 1at FloridaLivan Hernandez07450
    57Sept. 1at FloridaDonn Pall09472
    58Sept. 2at FloridaBrian Edmondson17497
    59Sept. 2at FloridaRob Stanifer18458
    60Sept. 5vs. CincinnatiDennis Reyes11381
    61Sept. 7Chi. CubsMike Morgan01430
    62Sept. 8Chi. CubsSteve Trachsel04341
    63Sept. 8PittsburghJason Christiansen09385
    64Sept. 18MilwaukeeRafael Roque14417
    65Sept. 20MilwaukeeScott Karl11423
    66Sept. 25MontrealShayne Bennett15375
    67Sept. 26MontrealDustin Hermanson04403
    68Sept. 26MontrealKirk Bullinger17435
    69Sept. 27MontrealMike Thurman03377
    70Sept. 27MontrealCarl Pavano27370

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