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I love Easter .. last year was a fun one and was a great weekend ..
I sent a Easter basket up to NY for Jillian + Kyle .. hope they like it ..

Made one for Me + Adie also .. she will be coming for that big Ham dinner
Plus I got this great Cyber-card for Easter from Adie also ..

Well we had a great weekend .. on Friday night we had dinner with Alicen .. we went for seafood @ Red Lobster .. we should have gained 20lbs each from this weekend ..
We had a great dinner on Sunday .. don't that ham look good .. MMM MMMMMM ..
Well ..Passover was right after Easter .. and not to forget my heritage on either side of my family .. I had my own Sedar .. for the first night of Pesach .. and will have a bigger one on the second night .. this is my Sedar plate
I made my first Matzoh ball soup .. it was great .. making Brisket for the second night along with Potato Latka's .. and of course I made Chopped Liver as well ..
Wanna learn more about Pesach or any thing else .. need a Hagadah .. that's what you really need for a Sedar .. besides all the food ..
Here are some links to help you find things out ..
Passover on the Net JCN Passover Recipes
Back once again to the end of the year and my favorite pastime .. TV ..
And my favorite thing to do .. EAT ... and cook while I watch the Balloons go by .. Here were some of this years additions ..

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