I really love this time of year ... ... the color of the leaves ... just warm enough to go hiking and enjoy the outdoors ... Maybe you want to help with the holidays ... too late ... I already started the ... ... looks like it's cooking up good also ...

Ron's Official Holiday Home Page


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Boy ... I cant wait to put up my tree ... but until then ... this will be it ...
Click here to see My Tree For 1996
Bring all your presents over to the new homestead ... I can't wait to
... rip them open ...
You don't wanna be a Grinch do ya ... We will keep these candles going for ya
.. Grinch ..
Be a happy Grinch this holiday season ... you might get lucky and some elves might bring you presents ... or help you out in some kind way ...
Afterall .. you do what to get on Santa's good side ... don't you ...!!!
Guess you need to act like an .. .. the whole year `round ..
that can't hurt ...

Better be like me and get those ChristmasCards out early
... so you can get a bunch back ...
These are some of the ornaments on my tree .. some of my special favorites ..
As well as .... right on the top of it ..
Like all the graphics go see the Christmas Pages I borrowed from
Santa's Workshop
Zarelle's Christmas Goodies
The Original Grinch Net
The Christmas Page
This Page is dedicated to the loving memory of my grandparents
.. my Babi & Dede .. Joseph & Alma Stowasser ..
for bringing Christmas into my life .. as a time of Hope not for any religious implications .. many happy memories will always get me through the hard times we all must endure .. but this is especially for my Babi .. she was always the one who gave her most at this time of year .. and was always full of Hope ..
MERRY CHRISTMAS Babi .. I will always remember ...

My TreeFor 1996

  1. Find a spot for the tree
  2. Get the tree out of the box
  3. Set it up and spread those limbs out
  4. Put on all the lights and the special lighted ornaments
  5. Get the rest of the ornaments on
  6. Then drape the garland over it
  7. Then you are all finished
  8. and then you can have a Merry Christmas ... Enjoy ...
So .. here's what my sister's tree looked like ..
It was a strange holiday season this last year ..

We had some good meals at this table though ..

.. and the kids had a BLAST ..

Jillian loves to play Santa ..
She loved all her presents too ..

Kyle just loves his Buzz Lightyear .. it was his favorite present I think ..

.. he got some great gifts also ..Kyle loves Batman .. he got a Batmobile too this year ..

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